How to set up server-side avatars and forced player names

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Getting started

First things first you should check that you have both of the following things: A working CSGO client A working CSGO server

Setting avatars

Converting avatars for server use The pictures you want to use as avatars for the players need to be the size of 64x64 and should be in png format.
The game needs to know which steam profile gets which avatar, that's why you need to name it after the steamID64.
Here is an example: You can find out the ID by either looking at the URL field However if the person has a custom ID you can just copy the URL and find out the steamID64 here[steamid.
io] Now go to your client main directory and create a folder named "avatars" as shown in above picture.
You should have a similiar directory to this now: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\avatars Paste all your png files in this folder and launch the game.
Once you are in-game open the console and run the command "cl_avatar_convert_rgb".
This will convert the png files in rgb files which will be used by the server.
Side note: If you do not have all IDs or want everyone to have the same avatar, simply name the one file you want to use "default".
Uploading avatars Now that we have our rgb files we have to create the same directory in the server.
Once done with that just put all the rgb files in there.
You do not need the png files anymore.
Activating the avatars on the server In order to activate server-side avatars just set the cvar "sv_reliableavatardata 2".
If you do not need the avatars anymore set the cvar to 0 again.
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Setting up player names

Preparing the name file Setting up names can be done via the "sv_load_forced_client_names_file" cvar.
In order to use it create a text file.
The name is up to you.
Copy the following template into the file: "Names" { "76561198064051923" "insert the name you want to force here" "76561198024905796" "kennyS" } Now you can edit the file accordingly.
For assigning names to the correct steam account you need the SteamID64.
You can find out the ID by either looking at the URL field However if the person has a custom ID you can just copy the URL and find out the steamID64 here[steamid.
io] Uploading name file Copy the file in your root server directory (.
\csgo\) Now you need to add the +sv_load_forced_client_names_file "your_file_name.
txt" cvar to the server launch parameters.
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Video instructions

Additional notes

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