How to rank up FAST in CSGO Solo Queue

Published 02.08.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 61

General tips:

Practice aim & movement (TIP: Don't go AWP only on Deathmatch but practice pistols, rifles and smg's as well!) Expect your teammates to be worse than you so PLAY SAFE and clutch rounds if needed! Don't peek/ push after the bomb has been planted Don't rush the T-side on CT-side DON'T BUY AWP IF YOU CAN'T USE IT PROPERLY DON'T FORCE BUY EVERY ROUND NEVER BUY AUTOSNIPER ON T-SIDE COMMUNICATE WITH UR TEAMMATES! Seriously I have met so many teammates that just refused to talk even in higher ranks! USE A GOOD HEADSET! hearing footsteps is essential for locating enemies! DON'T BLINDLY TRUST TEAMMATES' CALLS USE UR EARS AS WELL!


Use the "looking for feature" instead of Solo Queue if someone in your party has a red trust factor LEAVE QUICKLY before getting a match because either he's a cheater, a griefer or a noob! Also you risk getting queued against cheaters! if someone in your party has a lot of hours / medals but a low rank leave the lobby before getting a match since this guy will most likely just ♥♥♥♥ around instead of trying if someone in your party has a new account leave the lobby before getting a match since it most likely is a smurf or a noob and in both cases will give you a hard time Add teammates that played well to your friend list and play more with them! This alone helps a lot!


That were all my tips! Thanks for visiting my guide! Now back to work you Silver / Gold Nova! There's work to do!