How to play with your favorite player models in-game (including Panorama team choosing)

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Not much to say about this guide, since it is not new to bring custom models ingame to test them out.
You can also easily play with them on community servers.
But with the Panorama team choosing menu, things are getting a little bit more interesting.
You get to see the team player model before playing, and since not much people spend time chilling in the maps (because they just go straight to competitive once they open the game), I made this guide for the sake of it.
Totally useless right?


Before we start, you need to understand the format of choosing player models in the maps, which can be found here: https://developer.
com/wiki/Choosing_Player_Models Note: You can try to make kv file for a map, but only if it is a community map that hasn't been set the player models yet.


Modify the game files means you cannot play matchmaking as the servers will kick you for pure server checking.
Although I also provide a way to go back to play mm, you can also verify the game to go back to play.
But you will never get VAC banned, unless you do use cheats.


The custom models you installed in the game (This is obvious, if you don't know then check out this guide 2.
Notepad++ (Optional, but should be easier to use than Notepad): https://notepad-plus-plus.

Getting started

For this guide I will use Hitler model as demonstration.
First, go to csgo folder, locate the gamemodes.
txt file and make a copy of it.
Then go to materials/models/player/custom_player/.
and copy 4 model files (.
mdl, .
dx90, .
phy, .
vvd) then paste them to models/player and models/player/custom_player/legacy and left them there.
When you are done, process to next step.
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Choosing models

Open gamemodes.
txt with Notepad++ (You will see the line DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE and yes, stop if you want to play competitive :), but since we made a backup file we can continue) Go to the "maps" section (should be from line 2496 Pick any map you want (Dust 2 for example) should look like this.
Pick the side to choose models and delete the lines (for t side, delete the lines in t_models, for ct side, delete lines in ct_models) and add "<models name> "" (here is "hitler" "") If you want to choose models for the community maps, make sure that the maps are in maps folder, then add the whole format for the model chossing in the "maps" section, with the correct map name.
If you want to switch back for playing mm, just rename the gamemodes.
txt and rename back the copy.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Some footage made by Gordon Walkedby The big hand is the result of the glove update and it applies to every custom models, I can do nothing about it.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Play with the models ingame

Now for the most important part To run the map when playing offline, just go to practice with bots, choose the map, then start.
To play the map with friends, first invite your friend to play (create a lobby), then go to practice with bots, choose the map, then start.
Note: Your friend must have the same set of models like you, otherwise he will see a huge error box!!! But he doesn't need to have same gamemodes.
txt file like you.
To play a community map, open console and type "map <map name>" and press enter.
And have fun :) Feel free to ask in the comment if you have any problem.