How to play with Slavs! :)

Published 12.06.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 31

Da guide

Greetings ! Welcome to my guide on how to communicate with Slavic players.
Lets make CSGO great again!!! I know it sound like a guide on how to talk to foreingners.
But from what i can see after years of playing csgo, is that it might be hard to communicate with slavs and all these points are things that i often see when i play CS:GO wheter it is Faceit,Esea or just mm.
And I am Slav too so don´t take this guide too serious and it was not meant to offend anyone.
And sorry, there might be some London mistakes So let's get started right ? If you want to help the csgo community, you need to download csgo at first.
(Otherwise it won't work) https://store.
com/app/730/ So once you download csgo, when you play the first game, you will notice Russian players arguing in Russian with the rest of the English speaking server.
And that's the problem we need to solve.
(We need Russian players to argue with the rest of a server in English)