How to play past gamemodes

Published 05.02.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 29


Flying scoutsman Low gravity scout and knife only without air aimspread Heavy assault suit Counterstrike with a special armor avaiable for purchase Stab stab zap Counterstrike with only knives, nades and a self charging taser Trigger discipline Damage yourself when you dont hit an enemy Weapons expert Every wepon is avaiable for purchase only once per player Bloodletter Counterstrike with constant damage and lifeteal Bounty hunter A free for all deathmatch with dogtags to collect Headshots Only headshots deal damage Hunters and gatherers Team based deathmatch with dogtags to collect Team deathmatch Team deathmatch with team cumulative victory points Coop strike Cooperative missions

Lobby creation

You need to create a practice with bots lobby in the base gamemode that you want to play.
For the intended experience.
Choose casual for Heavy assault suit, stab stab zap and trigger discipline flying scoutsman as well if they decide to rotate it out of the active gamemodes .
Choose competitive for weapons expert.
Choose Arms race for bloodletter Choose Deathmatch for bounty hunter, headshots, hunters gatherers and team deathmatch

Applying the gamerules

Once the map has loaded open the console and type in exec op08_flying_scoutsman.
cfg for flying scoutsman if they ever rotate it out exec op08_heavy_assault_suit.
cfg for heavy assault suit exec op08_stab_stab_zap.
cfg for stab stab zap exec op08_trigger_discipline.
cfg for trigger discipline exec op08_weapons_expert.
cfg for weapons expert exec op08_bloodletter.
cfg for bloodletter exec op08_bounty_hunter.
cfg for bounty hunter exec op08_headshotsv for headshots exec op08_hunters_gatherers.
cfg for hunters and gatherers exec op08_team_deathmatch.
cfg for team deathmatch exec gamemode_cooperative.
cfg for Guardian mission exec gamemode_coopmission.
cfg for cooperative missions

Additional information

Enable the console by setting -console as launch option and set a bind for it from the game Victory points are currently not displayed in the HUD You can change game type and mode while on the server through the console as well, these changes will apply with a map change.
Type Mode Meaning 0 0Casual 0 1Competitive 0 2Wingman 0 3 weapons_expert 1 0 Arms Race 1 1 Demolition 1 2 Deathmatch 2 Training Course 3 0 Custom 4 0 Coop 4 1 Coop Mission 4 5 Skirmish 4 6 Battle Royale Console Commands sv_gravity Changes gravity.
Default is 800 Flying scoutsman is 230 mp_taser_recharge_time 30 in stab stab zap mp_weapon_self_inflict_amount 0.
4 is default in trigger discipline Relevant commands for the Guardian gamemode can be found by using find guardian in the console Maps Link to the only official coop strike map avaiable Guardian should work on any map, weapon progress display is broken though Guardian bank map Guardian crashsite map Guardian cobble map Guardian lake map Coop info thanks to DukeBruno123