How to play CS:GO with your waifu.

Published 02.02.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 380

step numero one

Ask your waifu what game she's into and try to convince her to play some CS with you! A simple trick is to prepare a romatic dinner before asking her!~ Cinque Terre

step numero two

Make sure none will come in your room while she's on your PC.
Other people may be confused about the situation because they don't understand the things you do with your waifu.
Cinque Terre

step numero three

Since your waifu is gonna play on your account you need to change your profilepicture and your name.
Cinque Terre

step numero four

Sit her on your chair and start CS:GO.
She should get the controls very fast and easy.
GLHF! Cinque Terre

you're done!

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