How to make your custom character appear on new Panorama UI

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With the new beta release of csgo, you can now inspect your weapon skins in a brand new way, one part is freely change view angle of the weapon, and other part is to inspect the weapon held by a character (for now there are total of 5 characters: SAS, 3 Leet, and Phoenix).
But now you imagine: what if the weapon can be held by my favorite character ingame ? :D And so this guide will help you bring your character to the UI, and let you enjoy watching :) Cinque Terre

Simple method (No longer works due to the 12 July update, gg Vavle)

Using console command: ui_vanity_setting_model <model path> with model path lead to your custom mdl file.
The default path is models/player/custom_player/legacy/ctm_sas.
mdl .
In the guide I use Kashima model so it can be models/player/custom_player/gkuo88/kashimafix/kashimafix.
mdl .
You can still play matchmaking with this method, but you cannot inspect the weapon in the inventory with the custom models.

Advanced method

The following part of the guide is for 3D inspection of the weapon.
You can change up to 5 models in the UI (SAS, Leet A, Leet B, Leet C, Phoenix).
You cannot play matchmaking with the files changed, so make sure you spend a day away from competitive or chill out in a community server :) Update: Starting from October 9 update, they add 4 fbi models for ct and 1 more leet model for t.
Now you have 10 models of choice to change so you can bring more of your favorite characters in :) Starting from Danger Zone update (or F2P update), there are 3 new models adding to the UI (jumpsuit variante a,b,c) so that makes a total of 13 models to change in the UI.
Proof that my guide still works in 2019 (and i still dont get any banned, to dab on haters) https://steamcommunity.

Video demonstration

Video demonstration by Narbartor.
There is a small conflict to the first step but i dont know why it still work, but overall the most confusing part of the guide is there, so I hope you can easily get the idea.


GCFScape: http://nemesis.
net/?p=26 2.
XVI32: http://www.
htm 3.
All your custom model files in csgo/models/player/.
section (.
dx90, .
mdl, .
phy, .
Here i'll use Kashima model as an example.
Note: Most of the custom models work as long as they use the same animation with the stock models.
From what I know, the models from 93x servers cannot work since they have modified animation and it might look broken.
Here are few models that people requested in the comment, just extract the content to csgo folder: Hitler: https://drive.
com/open?id=1l9ZDRqX2NW_MILURxaUESPgCZqP0mH2k Kashima: https://drive.

Getting started

To bring your custom character to the UI, you have to replace the stock models with the custom models.
For CT side, the SAS and for T side, the Phoenix.
I exclude 3 Leet models since they all in T side.
The SAS model files name is ctm_sas, and the Phoenix model files name is tm_phoenix.
Here i will replace SAS with Kashima, so i will work with the ctm_sas files.
This is the UI with original SAS model Go to the csgo folder and locate the pak1_dir.
vpk file and make a copy of it, rename the copy with whatever you want to mark it original Go to models/player/.
and copy the 4 files of your custom model and paste it to models/player and models/player/custom_player/legacy folders, then rename all of them to ctm_sas Once you have done, process to the next step.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Replacing the files

Open XVI32, from there open the pak1_dir.
vpk file in csgo folder.
Click Search on the tab, then Find and input the word ctm_sas in the search You will see that you found a line with ctm_sas_variante but we need ctm_sas only so hit F3 to find more until you get that line then replace any letter in the line to make it different (for example a to 2 to make ctm_s2s) Repeat the above step 1 more time to replace 1 more file, after that open the search bar again and now include the .
dx90 behind the text.
Then click search.
Replace the line and another ctm_sas.
dx90 line like above.
After that open the search bar, remove the .
dx90 text and then repeat the process at the beginning( search for "ctm_sas" line only, replace the letter).
Do that until this box appear, that means you have finish the work.
Save the file, exit XVI32, then open GCFScape and open that pak1_dir.
vpk file.
Check the files in the models/player and models/player/custom_player/legacy to make sure that all the ctm_sas files are renamed.
Exit GCFScape, then open the game.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


This should be the expected result if you follow every step from the guide :P From here you can change to another weapon with inspection of your custom model in 3D view and save for a showcase.
To inspect T's weapons you need to replace the Phoenix model, just do the same method but the files you work for are named tm_phoenix.
If you want to change to a different model, just replace the custom files outside keeping the same name as the stock models.
To revert back to the stock model, rename the modded pak1_dir.
vpk and rename the original pak1_dir back.
While following the guide gives you freedom to inspect all weapons, using console commands can customize the main menu showcase, like changing the idle state, change the team.
Here is an example for using another ct stock model holding m4 with terrorist idle state.
Edit: Few more showcases for some non - anime purpose :) Enjoy haters.
If you feel like this took a lot of work, you can try to find another method for yourself :P Hard work earn if you try :D If you have trouble doing my guide (for example changing wrong files or cause error box), comment on my profile and add me so i can help.
However I won't accept random request, unless you have another reason or you just favor my works :) (of course you have to comment so I will know).
Good luck and have fun :) Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Tools for automatically change models

Recently my friend Gordon Walkedby made a tool which stimulate my guide and you now only need to have your custom models installed in the game, and the tool will do all the work for you.
You can check out here: https://gamebanana.


Can I play online after changing the models ? First, the UI is still in beta, you cannot play online to begin with.
Even after UI is full released, you still cannot play online with the custom models, since the server will automatically kicks you for pure server error.
Verify the game if you end up like that.
If you still want the showcase, use the console command instead.
Can I get VAC banned for doing the guide? No.
You cannot get VAC banned for changing the game files.
VAC only detects 3rd party software that gains you advantage in game (or we always call it cheats).
Changing game files is not considered cheating, you can only get the error pure server like I mentioned.
Why do you post weeb stuff? Because I happened to take it as an example for changing the models.
That's why I included 3 more pic at the end of guide to show you that any models can be used.
If you only read the guide to then criticize me for being weeb or using weeb stuff, you are in the wrong place, since I'm trying to make the game more interesting for everyone, not to bring more toxic in the game, which is already toxic due to all your badmouths.
Where did you get the models? Via playing on community servers.
On the usual patch of the game, join the servers in the community tab, they will trigger download the models if they have.
You can also get some good models on websites like gamebanana.
com in CSGO section.
P/S: Some people actually don’t know how to install the custom models from gamebanana, basically just copy and paste two folders (materials and models) into csgo directory.
Then continue with step 1.
Why don’t I see the files you mentioned in the guide? Because you don’t have any custom model.
Following my 4th answer and get some models before coming back.
Why do I see error box or seeing nothing on the menu? You need to put all the custom files which were renamed to folders models/player and models/player/custom_player/legacy , skip either of the folders will result in error.
And you need a proper installation of the custom models, check back question 4 for answer.
Note: Only add me if you have other issue beside those above.
Otherwise, thank you for the support :D Hope you enjoying playing the game.