How to make a skin on the workshop

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How to get started

First, you wanna look at http://blog.
net/workshop/finishes/ <--this.
Remember to read the Q&A.
When you find the button on the bottom under everything else that says "Resources and Downloads" Then click on the "CS:GO Workbench materials" and it should download a .
zip open that with whatever you have downloaded as a image editor.

Step 2: Workbench

Go to CS:GO [Like click on it], then go to game options in the options menu find "Enable developer's console" set that to yes, then press ` or ~ then type "workshop_workbench".
A GUI should pop up.
Select a finish, then click "patterns" by that button.
Next load your .
vtf that you made [assuming you made one] and then do whatever with it.
The GUI is pretty simple to get used to.
All of these patterns require a custom .
vtf, besides Solid-color.
Custom paint job: You need the mat pack for this.
The patterns are a bit confusing, but try to make out shapes as mags, clips, etc.
Anodized air brushed: Shiny, somewhat simple.
Does not require the mat pack.
Patina: Fade based wear.
Does not requre mat pack Anodized multicolor: like patina, but has scratches as wear.
Does not require mat pack.
Solid-color: Just don't use this.
The chance of it being in the game is lower than 0.
1% Gunsmith: It's like custom+patina If there is anymore i missed, its because I need sleep and im not on csgo currently

Step 3: How not to get a DMCA takedown notice/sued

You need to make your own skin.
Don't upload anything you don't own or have the rights to.

Step 4: Uploading to workshop

Use CS:GO SDK to upload them to workshop.
I've never actually gotten this far, you gotta figure it out your self.
Remember No gold guns, Valve has enough already.
Don't upload copyrighted things.
Make sure you like your skin to the point you would upload it.
You can't subscribe to skins to use them.
Volvo will have to add it to the game.
Don't put a skin in the maps section.
Even though I like custom knife skins, you can't put them up here.
Good luck.
You'll need it.
If you have any more questions, just ask and i will respond asap.

blah blah download stuff

Compression/Compressed file tools7-zip[www.
org] WinRAR[www.
com] VTFEditthis is self explanatory[nemesis.
net] Image manipulatorsGiMP[www.
org] http://www.
html Valve doesn't like me putting the link for Photoshop here, anyways it takes like 5 seconds to get there.