How to level up on Steam 101

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1. Steam Level Knowledge

For leveling up 0-10 level you will need 100 XP for each level.
So 1000 XP in total.
For leveling up 10-20 level you will need 200 XP for each level, 20-30 you will need 300 XP etc.
Each time you achieve go through 10 levels the number of XP for one level will increase by 100.
Ways of getting experience To get 100 XP you need to simply craft a game badge.
Badges have up to 5 levels.
A level 5 badge will grant you 500 XP.
Level 1-50xp Level 2-100xp Level 3-150xp Level 4-200xp Level 5-250xp Level 6-300xp Level 7-350xp Level 8-400xp Level 9-450xp Level 10-500xp Level 11-550xp Level 12-600xp Level 13-650xp Level 14-700xp Level 15-750xp Cinque Terre

2. Getting XP in Community Event's

Another way of earning XP is through community events.
For example this is the 2016 Steam Awards Nomination event.
Each event may vary on requirements and they also have different time periods for when they can be completed.
The best way to know when there is a new event is by regularly checking steam.
It is always announced on the store page.
You will also earn experience for having games in your library (F2P games don't count).
1 game: adds a 100xp badge 2-4 games: adds 6xp per game 5-9 games: adds 100xp + 5xp per game 10-24 games: adds 150xp + 3.
33 per games above 10x 25-49 games: adds 200xp + 2xp per game above 25x 50-99 games: adds 250xp + 1.
5xp per game above 50x 100-249 games: adds 325xp + 1.
1667xp per game above 100x For all 250 or more badges: 250xp is added + 1xp per game

3. Benefits of Leveling UP

So when leveling up,u get slots for showcases,friend spots,game vouchers,emoticons,and backgrounds.
For each 10 levels achieved you earn one showcase.
The maximum number of showcases is 14, so when you reach level 140 you will have them all unlocked.
Achievement Showcase Game Collector Item Showcase Items Up For Trade Badge Collector Favorite Game Screenshot Showcase Custom Info Box Favorite Group Review Showcase Workshop Showcase Artwork Showcase Favorite Guide Achievement Showcase These are all the showcases u can put on your profile.

4. Free XP

Free XP is very useful, especially if you're under level 10.
Getting free XP is one of the first things you should do.
The Community Leader badge is a very easy one to complete.
When earned it will give you 500 XP(that's 5 levels if you're under level 10).
All you need to do is click on it and then you will see a list of tasks you need to complete in order to earn the badge.
Some are really EASY, so there's no way you can get confused.
For getting that badge you wont need to do all of the tasks,you can do some and u will get it.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

5. Free XP (Not really free but cheap as it can be)

Not free but cheap XP you can get This isn't free but it's cheap! You can buy trading cards that you can then craft into badges.
To find the cheapest trading cards I would recommend this site Steam Tools Trading Cards [steam.
tools] Once you are in click on "set price" at the top.
" Clicking this will sort badges from cheapest to most expensive.
Badges Cheapest Badge (100xp) 0.
2$ Full Badge (500xp) 1$ What do those letters do? [ B ] - Click to open your badge progress, so you can see if you already have this badge or not [ S ] - Click to open the game page in steam store [ M ] - Click to open market page with all the cards from this badge [ E ] - Click to open steam card exchange

6. END

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