How to improve reaction time is CS:GO.

Published 18.10.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 27

All about how reactions work.

Reaction times vary allot from person to person, I was on the slow end (280ms) and using this method got to around 180-175ms avg and am still improving a little each day.
Now that you have seen this method can work, I will tell you the difference it makes.
For example, hitting the player crossing mid doors (Killing them in the gap, not though the doors) on d2 is pretty consistent for me now, also I can take more agressive peeks and hold down angles better.
Now it should be noted that reaction time is not a MAJOR factor in your skill, I know many players with slower reaction times that are extremely good at peeking/holding angles against faster oponents because they have better aim/movment/crosshair placment and other factors.
So having blazing KennyS reaction times are not necessary so excel at CS.

How to improve reaction time.

This method is quite basic but I want to include some easy tricks for getting faster without much time/effort and will then go in-depth about really making a big dent in that reaction time.
So reaction times are one of very few things in life where smaller is better :D.
So the first trick is when holding an angle you know somone is going to peek is to exhale and hold your breath, this will make you reaction time more consistent, (I would have a link the the paper that I found that discusses this but I can't find it) but try it yourself https://www.
com/tests/reactiontime and see if theres any difference.
The other main thing is mouse/monitor, a 1000hz mouse and a 120hz+ monitor will make the biggest difference outside your actual reaction time.
So now the real way to make a difference, 1) Humanbenchmark or other site (use different ones for practice to vary it up) practice with 500 reactions per day, if you can't, just do as many as you can.
2) At the end of every 3 days of practicing, go to a site and do 20 reactions and record the result for reference.
(Make sure the result site is always the same for consistency) 3) Obviously get good sleep and stay hydrated, also exersice can have a pretty big impact, especialy for the unfit.
4) When you record the results every 3 days you can hold breath for max results, but when practicing DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH, for me this causes almost NO progress in reactions when I practiced that way.
5) Do not take caffeine when practicing (for best results) you can if you want to,I found that my results where better when I practiced before I had coffee.
6) It's best to practice in the morning, even though your reactions will be slower, it will yield best results (Did for me) so you don't need to warm-up before practicing.
7) DeathMatch with no sound, this helps visual reactions because you won't hear people and then anticapate them coming around a corner or somthing.
Do all this for 1-3 months and please send me results if it work, if it didn't, please tell me what exactlly you did so I can improve this guide in the future.