How to import and test your skin in game ?

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My Workshop skin test

Import workshop skin in gameIn this guide, you will be able to put your skin in the game and test it "in game".
Like this As an example, I will take the "M4A1S | Cyrex" selected by Valve and I will replace it with a skin I created, the "M4A1S | Biker".
You can check my workshop skin here : https://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880619684 and the collection too Attention, the skin to which you import in the game is playable only in offline.
That is to say against "BOTS" or LAN in a private server.
You will not be able to play with your skin online against other players in competitf, even in "casual" mode.
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First you need several things.
The game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" installed The website: w w w.
csgostash .
com The csgo folder including the items_game file The folder "paints" in the folder csgo Somes skins / items csgo on your inventory Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveYou need install the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because you need the folder with the items_game file.
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is free-to-play now.
Inventory Steam/!\ You need somes skins from each models.
(more easily to change the name on the files items_game) on your inventory Steam.
You can buy each skins from the market CSGO here.
You can buy key in the game CSGO for unlock each case and get skins.
You can found some skins too in the game.
Just play lot of games and gets skins.
PS : As an example I chose the M4A1S | Cyrex, so I already had this skin unlocked in my inventory.
This skin comes from the box "Breakout Case".
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Model of your skin

First you need found the name of the skin Firstly you have to go to the website.
Looking for the model you want.
Then you click on the model in question.
You then scroll to get to the part where we see the model deteriorate.
Then click on "Texture Pattern" You will find the uvmap corresponding to the weapon.
Right-click and "open the image in a new tab" You will find the name corresponding to the file.
Example here: "cu_m4a1s_cyrex.
jpg" - Make a copy / paste of this name.
This will be used to find this file in the file "items_game".
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Your inventory CSGO After we have your skin in inventory.
Remember first of all, you must have the skin in question in your inventory.
The degradation of your skin that you have in your inventory will take effect "in game".
If your skin is of "new" quality then your skin in the game will be of "new" quality.
On the other hand, if your skin is of quality "marked by the combats" then your skin will be deteriorated.
It all depends on the skin you have in your inventory.
This skin will serve as a template for your skin.
For this example i take the M4A1S | Cyrex model.
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Items game

Notepad++On this part, you open the file to replace the contain by your propriety of your skin "files.
txt" You need a NotePad++ to open the file.
You can download NotePad++ here[notepad-plus-plus.
org] Its a free source code editor.
FolderGo to this folder : SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\scripts\items You should normally find the following files: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS : I suggest to copy/past the file with a new name items_game_backup.
This will be useful in case there are bugs, to go back.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- File items_game Open the files "items_game.
txt" with Notepad++ Type CTRL + F and search your model with your name of the true skin.
For this example i take the M4A1S | Cyrex so this name "cu_m4a1s_cyrex".
Click on "next" until the part that interests us.
Now, you arrive on the important part.
I replace the "blue part" contain of the Cyrex by the files .
txt from my new skin.
by this wayAttention ! The "real" M4a1s | Cyrex its a "custom paint job effect" and my future example skin is a "Gunsmith effect".
You can check the number of the style is different.
Custom Paint job is "7" and the Gunsmith effect is "9".
Don't forget to delete the ".
VTF" and the path before the name of your skin.
replace it by this : Save the file "items_game".
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Paints folder

Folder "Paints" Now you must have a folder "Paints" in order to put your skins and see them in the game.
(If there is no "Paints" folder created, create a folder and name the "Paints" in the "customization" folder).
Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Counter-Strike Global Offensive \ csgo \ materials \ models \ weapons \ customization \ paints StylesYou should have different folders.
The folders each correspond to a particular style.
Anodized_Air = Anodized Airbrush Anodized_Multi = Anodized Patina effect Antiqued = Patina effect Custom = Custom Paint Job effect Gunsmith = gunsmith effect Hydrographic = Hydrographic effect Spray = Paint effect If you do not have a folder corresponding to each style, then create for each.
Import your skin .
VTF (with the .
VTF Normal map if you have) on the folder : depending of your style skin.
If its a custom paint job, put your skin in the folder corresponding.
In this case, the style I chose for my future skin is the "Gunsmith" style.
Example : The gunsmith effectSo I have a file corresponding to him "Gunsmith".
I open this folder and copy / paste my corresponding .
VTF and put it in this folder.
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in game

in CSGOLaunch CSGO.
exe Go to your inventory Search your model and add on your list weapon.
Maps Launch a new game with bots, buy your skin in game and ENJOY ! Start with this commands : sv_cheats 1 = Enables cheats which you'll need to make the other commands work.
Impulse 101 = Get 16000$ instant.
cl_drawhud 0 = Will hide the HUD allowing you to take better screenshots.
host_timescale 0.
1 or less = slow down time.
It's great for taking pictures when inspecting your weapon.
Showcase map I recommand you a showcase map for you see your skin with lot of configuration.
(lights, night mode, backgrounds custom etc.
) The only problem, there is not a MP5-SD Model yet.
This map was created by talented designers.
Marduk Ego Death Burgerboy Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Go back

If you want back like before, you need to delete the new file "items_game" and replace it by your "items_games_backup".
Rename your "items_games_backup" by "items_game".
Don't forget, delete your .
VTF on the folder "paints" because you can have a bug on CSGO (when you choice your weapon in game, the image on the circle get your custom skin).
You can play with your skin ONLY with bots.
Doesn't work with others players online, but works on LAN.
If you have some bugs on CSGO, just exit the game and delete the items_game.
txt in the folder.
1) Open Steam 2) Go to the library 3) Click Right on "Counter-Strike : Global Offensive" 4) Go to the "tab" 5) Verify integrity of Games files 6) Downloads the new files 7) Launch CSGO 8) Its work.
Alternative importThere is also an alternative for importing skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Check this guide : Crille Method created by Crille Enjoy ! Cinque Terre