How to host Phoenix Compound (Official Coop) and play with your friend

Published 10.02.2019 в 18:01 | Guide rating: 48

How to?

Since valve removed the map, you have to download manually https://www.
com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/57r84f/valve_removed_the_official_coop_maps_from_the/ 1.
Follows Birdbrain ❤ Finnelele's guide to host a private match with console enabled and your friend connected https://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=477696626 Originally posted by Birdbrain ❤ Finnelele:• Console If you have trouble opening your console follow these steps: 1.
Start CS:GO 2.
Options → Game Settings 3.
Enable Developer Console → Yes 4.
Options → Keyboard / Mouse 5.
Scroll all the way down to "Toggle Console" and set a button you´d like.
Express Guide: 1.
Play 2.
Play with Friends 3.
Invite your Friends 4.
Set to Private Match 5.
Start a Casual Match 6.
Load the map you want to play over the Console (any map in this case)2.
Enter "sv_cheats 1" into your Console (optional) 3.
Enter changelevel coop_cementplant;game_mode 1;game_type 4 into your Console 4.
You may play other missions (other than the original hostage rescue mission), using the below commands *Thanks Symen for sharing the command* For Mission 2 : Gather Intel mp_coopmission_mission_number 2;mp_restartgame 1For Mission 3 : Blow up mp_coopmission_mission_number 3;mp_restartgame 1 5.
You may cancel the warmup with the command "mp_warmup_end" 6.
Have Fun with your friend !!!