How to hear footsteps (and other sounds) better.

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So, starting this guide i will give you commands to use in console (at the end of the guide i will teach you how to make a "cfg" file, and there we will write those commands, you say why should we do that? The answer is simple - if you will do this step your life will be easier, it won`t be necessary to type these commands every time you launch the game, this cfg file will type them automatically when you launch the game) So the commands are: snd_mixahead 0.
05 // Makes all the sounds more realistic and approximate to the real time.
(standard setting is 1), so that was the first command.
snd_headphone_pan_exponent 1.
5 // This command will improve sound of things that happen on long distance, with this command you will hear the sounds that are far away from you better.
(standard setting is 1) snd_front_headphone_position 45.
0 // Helps you to create a very high quality sound for the frontal sounds in the game.
(is actual with the Razer Surround app) (standard setting is 90) snd_rear_headphone_position 135.
0 // Helps you to create more accurate sound that is on your back (you will hear sounds that are on your back much better) (standard setting is 90)

How to create "exec.cfg" file in your game directory.

Starting the second part of the guide i will learn you how to make this file.
Go to the place where your CS:GO game directory is (in my case it`s - Local Disk D - Steam - steamapps - common - Counter Strike Global Offensive - csgo - cfg) after you found your Steam directory, go like that: Steam - steamapps - common - Counter Strike Global Offensive - csgo - cfg And there, create a text document, and name it - autoexec.
cfg, after you have done this step, open our new file and copy + paste all our commands, like that: snd_mixahead 0.
05 snd_headphone_pan_exponent 1.
5 snd_front_headphone_position 45.
0 snd_rear_headphone_position 135.
0 WARNING! Paste like i did, every command from new line, if you make a mistake nothing will work.
Now save the file and you are done.
Cinque Terre

Setting game launch options

Now you will have to do this step: 1.
Go to your Steam Library.
Find "Counter Strike Global Offensive" and right click on it, then click on "Properties".
Find this word - "Game Launch Options" and click on it.
Type there - exec autoexec.
cfg 5.
Click OK and close the window.
You are done! Now launch the game and play, you don`t have to do anything now.


I think I helped you and now you will play better, and your ears will enjoy the gameplay! <3 Please, leave a like, add to favorites, and rate my guide.
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