How to go from Nothing to a Knife (Updated) 28/3

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So u stumbled onto my guide, well hey, I know what ur thinking "Oh wow another guy that pretends to trade from nothing to a knife when he really bought a knife".
Well trust me it would have been a lot less fun to just buy a knife Ive been trading for about 5 months, I started in September last year, I trade alot and Ive met lots of interesting people (also like a billion scammers) but ive enjoyed trading overall.
My secret is I trade everything I can get my hands on (csgo skins, rust items, tf2 items, dota 2 items,trading cards etc) My first knife was a ★ Shadow Daggers | Forest DDPAT Well-Worn, but I traded that for my curent knife my ★ Falchion Knife | Forest DDPAT Field Tested Cinque Terre

1. Csgo Discussions

The most obvious and easy way to get people to send u trade offers is using the csgo trade discussions.
The limit to post on discussions is once an hour so to get the most trade offers, u should post once an hour on discussions.
Also dont forget to make ur inventory public so people can actually send u an offer xD.
A disadvantage to post on the discussions is that some scammers might add u.
Before trading I'd recommend all of u to watch some videos on scam types and to also read some guides here on steam so u dont get scammed

2. Trade for other game items

In my welcome section i said that i trade pretty much anything i can get my hands on.
I started to trade other game items because some people would often send me offers where they are offering me rust skins for my csgo skins.
Most of the time its a scam for example the 400$ Dota 2 item for a 150$ Csgo knife.
Before i accept these trades i check the item in the market to see how many are sold per day, for how much and also what the buy orders are.
As I said most of the time a scammer will offer u a 400$ Dota 2 item but the way to see if the item is actually worth 400$ is to check the market history and the buy orders.
Also never ever sell ur skins.
If u find it hard to trade an item, then definetly sell it but the best way to get ur moneys worth (also one of the longest) is to find the right trader Cinque Terre

3. Trading Cards

One of the ways i make my profit is through steam trading cards.
If u buy and play any game on steam, most of them will drop trading cards.
For example i once traded with this one guy for a 10 games pack (they were mostly just cheap games worth 2 each) and after i played all of them for around 2 hrs i got about 35 or 40 trading cards.
Trading cards for most cheap games are worth about 4 or 5c, for csgo their cards are worth 8c each and skyrims are 12c each.
Its a waste to sell trading cards because tax takes away 2c so if I had a card worth 10c if i sold it i would only get 8c, this applies till something is worth 20c and then it starts taking away 15%.
Instead of selling I would recomend going onto the Steam Trading Card Group.
Post ur discussion and ur trade link in the group and wait for ur notification box to light up.
Most people will send u an offer with trading cards for trading cards so write in ur post that u want csgo skins for trading cards Cinque Terre

4. What not to trade

The one thing I never trade with are souvenir items and katowice 2014 stickers.
Now granted Katowice 2014 stickers are very rare and worth a lot but if they are applied on a skin they are pretty much worthless.
Its almost impossible to find someone who will want and overpay for a katowice sticker and so i wouldnt recomend anyone to overpay like 10$ for a skin with a katowice sticker.
Trade for only the skin because stickers dont add any value If u do get a skin with a Katowice 2014 sticker great, good for u but never and i mean never overpay for stickers Cinque Terre

5. Csgo Keys

Csgo keys are some of the best currency in the trading community.
For example u have 90$ on ur steam wallet but the knife u want is 100$? No problem.
Buy 90$ worth of keys and get quicksells.
Quicksells are when u pay for an item 80-90% in csgo keys.
So a knife that costs 100$ on steam analyst u could get for 90% so 90$ in keys.
Pretty handy eh? I got a Huntsman Slaughter FN for 63 Keys, thats about 82% in keys.
That was 60$ profit!! Cinque Terre

6. Csgopoints

Im not sure if this is allowed to mention but when i was starting out at trading my friend told me about this site csgopoints.
Basically u join ur steam account to it and u start earning points by doing surveys or playing games or watching videos.
I did a few surveys there and they take about 20 minutes and after its done u get points added to ur balance.
Then u go on instant skins, u order a skin, then ur points are taken away and a bot sends u the trade offer.
Its really easy to use, me for example i got a stattrak tec-9 sandstorm FT, stattrak sawed off origami, deagle meteorite and a few other skins that i forgot xD.
U dont deposit ur skins, u dont gamble.
U just do a few surveys, play games on facebook and watch videos Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Again im not sure am I allowed to mention this site but most people know it.
On cs.
money u can trade ur skins with a bot as long as u overpay or equal the price.
Basically lets say u wanted to trade ur misty 10$ for a redline 7.
50$ and a few adds.
U select ur misty and u select from the bots inventory the redline and u can also add on 2.
50 worth of skins but u have to equal the price or overpay.
So it has to be either u 10.
00 and the bot 10.
00 or u 10.
00 and the bot 9.
The bot cant overpay.
Whats also cool about this site is that u can check the float of the skins, if the skin has any stickers on it or name tags and they also have skins that most traders dont have like i got my Judgement of Anubis FT there but u can also get knives and a dragon lore! Below is an example of what the trade looks like.
The bot will send it to u and u accept Cinque Terre

8. Free steam keys

As i mentioned before trading cards will get u alot of money but wait theres even more.
Google free steam keys and a ton of websites pop up, i went on a few of them and i redeemed about 40 games altogether.
Most of the games are cheap like absconding zatwor but some are expensive one minion masters.
U go on a site and then u have to join their steam groups, like their youtube video and other stuff like that and then they send u a free steam key with the game and u just go on games on the top left of ur screen go on activate a product and redeem the steam key.
U get at least 3 cards minimum per game so tons of money for csgo skins Cinque Terre

9. Idle master

After getting all those free games, im sure u wont bother to play them so what i did is, I installed this app from google called idle master and basically what it is, it plays the games (u dont even need to download the games) and every 6 mins it turns off and gets u the trading cards.
I got over 60 trading cards overnight while i was sleeping.
Important Note Dont play csgo or any vac secured steam games cause some ppl said that idle master triggers vac but just dont play csgo while u have idle master opened Below is an example of what idle master looks like when its opened Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Key Trading Words

Here are also some common words associated with trading and what u would see on discussions Float - means how good the skin looks.
The lower the float the better it looks (Chart below) Overpay - when someone wants u to give more money/skins for his skins (Dont take it unless u really want the skin the other guy has) Upgrade - if someone is trading u a covert (red skin) for ur classifieds (pink skin) he wants u to overpay because u are getting a better skin Conditions- FN - means factory new, MW - means minimal wear, FT - means field-tested, WW- means well worn, BS - means battle scarred and ST - means stattrak (H) - means what u have and (W) - means what u want Cinque Terre

A few Tips and Tricks

Here are also a few tips and tricks for when u are trading 1.
I downloaded a google chrome add on called Steam Inventory Helper, to help me when i trade with trading cards and rust items when im unsure about the price or there are a lot of items.
If ur looking for any rare items eg.
Judgement of Anubis, not many people would have this skin so i would suggest using sites such as csgo lounge to find this skin and add the person with the skin to discuss the price 3.
As I mentioned before always check the prices, the buy orders and the market history if ur trading for dota items or skins 4.
Dont click on phishy links or add people who want some help on a gambling site.
Its an obvious scam that will download a virus or a gambling site that requires u to deposit ur skins to withdraw

My last words

I have done over 500 trades in 5 months so it will take a little while for u to get a knife u actually want.
Thank u for reading my guide, i hope that i helped u with any trading questions that u might have and i wish u all the luck in trading and i hope that u will trade up to a knife like i did.
If u have any opinions, questions or recomendations for me just write on this guide or on my profile and ill get back to u I hope u get a knife like I did and best of luck with trading If I did help u, feel free to donate to me, here is my link https://steamcommunity.
com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=332217969&token=O_BAvlK2 Cinque Terre