How to git gud

Published 11.03.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 42

Step 1

You have to have gud hardware.
Preferably potatoe PC.
Cinque Terre

Step 2

Now you have to download gud russian music with gud russian vodka.

Step 3

After you have done all the things above you continue to go ingame.
When you are ingame set all your settings to low and change res to 640 x 480 to get maximum fps just like the picture tells us.
Also you want to have best ping that you can have.
Recommended would be 300-9000.
Cinque Terre

Step 4

Now let's get real here my fellow cykies.
You want to visit royalhacks.
ru and download most expensive and best cheat you can see.
Doesn't matter if its virus.
You have potatoe PC and potatoe anti virus anyway.

Step 5

If you are done setting all ingame things up the next thing that youll do is set your profile to private so anyone in mad making can see how awesome you are and how legit you play.

Step 6

Now get into mad making and play some games until you reach global and keep on hacking.
You should probably play in a legit way but dont worry.
You can still have 80-0 stats because overwatch and vac sucks anyway.

Step 7

Get vac banned.
Buy new account and start from Step 1 again.
Now kys ty