How to get out from silver!

Published 29.10.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 45


Crosshair: This is maybe most important thing, what helps you fix and give better control of your aim.
• How to make OWN crosshair: Click Here![tools.
net] • When you had made your own crosshair, copy your crosshair config, and set it into console.


Settings: • Mouse&game sensitivity: What lower sensitivity you had, that better aim you get.
It's true, because that was big help for my aiming.
Resolution: Its your own choice what feels better.
In silver i played with 1920x1080 // 4:3, and when i changed to 1280x960 // 4:3 i srsly started play better and getting my rankups.
And that resolution what i use, it helped so much my aim too.
• Brightness: I use most brightest, it helps me to distinguish the enemy much better.
but if you don't like use it you can try other brightness.


Warmup: • This helps you get your aim back and helping you being ready in competitive matches.
• Also you can get some aim maps from workshop to practise your aim.

Other things.

Other things.
• Don't ever start rage for M8, because that will ruin your match and his match.
And atleast it ruins everyones match who play in your team.
• Don't be salty.
• Don't start trolling others.
• Don't feed enemies with words, when you are loosing.
• Don't EVER GIVE UP! I had taken so many comebacks without giving up! Thanks for reading, hope so this helped you.
And i know, my english is very bad, but hope so you understand it.
I'm very bad giving any help in this game, that is how i got my currently rank.
I don't say that, "i am best player who can teach silvers in this game".