How to get out from SEM/GN3/MGE/DMG/LEM/SMFC ELO

Published 05.05.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 249


You can say that I haven't got enough experience to teach you, but believe me, i have ~3000 hours in this game and i have many accounts with different skillgroups (ranks).
First time in start of 2013, after 10 wins I got placed to Gold Nova 3 and now i grew up to GE.
Here i will explain how to get out from ELO Hell.

First ELO Hell. SEM

Here all things quietly simple, many people smurfing on this skillgroup.
But, with latest updates of CS:GO they fixed system and now you can meet smurf's once in 5-10 games.
That is why you can bypass them easy and carry games on your own.
By this point: 1) Don't buy AWP/SSG08.
1 and main mistake of silver's, You need to learn how to play with AK47/M4a1-s/M4a4/Pistols.
2) Your enemy can play unpredictable, that is why you need to maximize your aiming skills and find your perfect sensitivity.
3) Always stay when shooting.
When You run, Your accuracy decreases and you miss easy shots.
Here You can use button CTRL, because when You crouch, move and spray, your spray will be 90% accurate.
Don't use spray while run, shift.
Use this: Touch[twowordbird.
com] 4) Play on bomb.
If You think that You can overplay your enemy, you can play very agressively and just kill all.
I've don 60 to 10 like this, rly.
5) Turn off vsync, set your video settings on minimum except shadows.


Slighty hard to get out from this rank, but possible.
1) P90 can't give You skill.
Concentrate on aim, youtube link higher.
2) Don't spray, try to hide behind the corner and aim on head.
3) Reaction here too slow, You must aim exact in head, 2-3 bullets - died.
Play on bomb.
4) Set-up CS for yourself.
You must set it for your comfort.
Check var.


Typical rank, where gameplay level changes heavily.
Here you must play with brains.
1) Crosshair placement.
Watch: 2) Prefire's on default positions.
3) Sidestep shooting.
Watch: 4) Don't spray on medium/far distance.
5) zoom_sensitivity_mouse 1/0.
8 6) Check radar when you are going to flash spot.


Oh yes, this hilarious rank.
You will stay here forever because of♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Nerves? You don't have it now.
1) Keep calm, it's just a game 2) After pistol, you can buy.
Five-Seven/Tec/CZ+2Armor and camping position.
Exact oneshot and your round.
3) Forget about 2long/2b combination.
1 player - support, he should help on first seconds of round to place some smokes, and he should rotate first.
4) You must hit your enemy.
And kill.
Aim-DM Practice 30 minutes every day.
You must kill your enemy from 1-2 burst or you will suck from LE/LEM.
5) I will recommend you to find 5-man premade and get eagle with them.
6) You need 5-13 wins straight to get eagle.
Yea, it's hard, but possible.
Don't play with MG, they will bottomfrag.
BUY MICROPHONE First and main rule.
Don't forget about call-outs.
8) Check your radar when throwing flashbangs.
9) Nade spots.
Learn Press [operationl2p.


This rank is where you will stay 2-3 months.
Huge experience of SMFC or cheaters? Deal with it! 1) Win your mindgames! 2) Check all positions or die.
1 and main rule.
Check anything! 3) Aim of SMFC is unreal, you must overplay them by your movement technique.
Sidestep shooting to ideal and you are the king of this rank.
Entry-frag? Easy! 4) Here obviously you need better aim, but not critical.
Reaction - this is why they play better.
Train your flickshots and kill them all.
5) Play more agressive when it needed and more passive when it needed.
Really, don't hunt for frags.


Rank, where you must pray your Lord Gaben.
Gaben, gimme balance, gimme cool guys in my team! No cheaters, pls! 1) Find premade if you want to reach GE for first time! You can't reach it solo untill 1 premade.
Or can, by luck.
Who knows.
2) You can reach it with your friend by 2-man, but you will get butthurt.
3) No difference between GE and SMFC.
1 difference - GE are cheaters and pro.