How to fly in offline games?

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Hey :) Did you ever thought it was possible to explore maps in CS:GO ? Nothing is better to fly around maps.
You can do everything you want and the good thing is, you wouldn't get VAC banned.
It works with a command from CS : GO.
So you DONT need any other programs or tools.
So lets go!

First steps

First you have to activate the console ingame.
So get to your settings in CS : GO and bind a key.
Step 1 1.
Start the game 2.
Go to "options" 3.
Click on "game settings" 4.
Set "Enable Developer Console" to "Yes" Step 2 1.
Go to "options" 2.
Click on "Keyboard / Mouse" 3.
Bind a key for "Toggle Console" Congratulations you completed the first steps.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Choose a map to explore

Now you can choose a map you want to play.
You can choose every map you want.
Even communitymaps 1.
Start the game 2.
Click on play 3.
Choose "offline training with bots" --> It does just work with bots offline.
Choose a map and a gamemode 5.
Select the bot type.
Name Information No Bots Good to explore maps Harmless Bots For what?!?! Easy Bots For beginners in CS : GO Medium Bots For players with more skill than a stone Hard Bots Necessary to online players in Deathmatch After you loaded a map you have to choose the team.
After you did that, you have to open console.
If you remember, we set up the key at the beginning.
Now open the console You have to type in 1.
"sv_cheats 1" --> This allows you to use cheats commands like the fly command.
(Achievements are disabled for this session.
) 2.
"noclip" --> now you can fly around the map.
If you want to disable it type the command again Cinque Terre


If you want to bind noclip to a key, then you have to open the console.
Type in bind <key> command For exapmple : bind M noclip To unbind you have to open the console and type unbind <key> For exapmple : unbind M

Special thanks

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