How to fix CS:GO Crashing on Map Loads

Published 15.02.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 226

Getting Started!

In order to apply this fix you must have at least 4GB of RAM installed in your system.
Also this is intended for people running 32-Bit Windows, because 64-bit users do not encounter this problem.


If you are crashing after 2-3 map loads or loading from a map list Dust2 to some map that isn't played as much like Aztec or Cobblestone.
This will also fix any black skin bugs, that lead to in game crashes during matches.
If these apply to you, keep reading.

The Fix! Part 1

Please be sure you read the previous parts of this guide, to see if you are eligible for the fix.
First off you must enable your developer console.
--Go into your Options --Click Game Settings --Where is says "Enable Developer Console [~]" set it to "Yes" --Press the ~ key on your keyboard, located under Escape.
Commands to type: cl_disablehtmlmotd 1

The Fix! Part 2

Now that you've typed in that command here is the next step, which by far is commonly known to fix several, but not everyones problem.
--Go on your Counter Strike Global Offensive folder and go to the cfg folder [Specifically: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg] --Open the text file (video.
txt) and locate "setting.
mem_level" --Next to that there will be a "1" --Change it to 0 --Save and Exit your Text Editor

The Fix! Part 3

Now here we bring out the big guns.
This part will vary depending on how much ram you use.
You see, when people suggest lowering settings in CSGO it reduces the RAM usage, thus sorta fixing the crashing problem, but there are people, like me who have a sexy graphics card and can handle the game on max settings, but are still on 32-Bit windows.
32-Bit systems have a RAM limit which is set to 4GB.
People like myself have more than just 4GB of RAM.
I have 8GB of RAM and I'm on a 32-bit system, and I can still use all 8gb of RAM.
How? Well that is simple, I hacked my Windows kernel to unlock my RAM, you can Google/Youtube on how to do it.
Remember I'm not responsible for your outcome (I did it right so no problems for me).
Now lets fix the damn problem, because it sure as hell fixed mine.
--Open start menu.
--Type CMD in the search box.
--Right click Command Prompt and Run as Administrator.
--Type in: bcdedit /set IncreaseUserVa "xxxx" The X's will be replaced based on how much RAM in total you have.
4GB = 4096 6GB = 6144 8GB = 8192 Default = 3072 ((Now if you don't have 4GB but 3GB you can set the value to 3072 just incase.
)) --Press enter, it'll say Successful.
--Close Command Prompt --Then Restart your computer.
Note based on my Experience: If you have 8gb installed and only have 4gb usable because 32-Bit and want to be able to use all 8gb of ram.
I used this video below to help me unlock all my RAM aka hack the kernel.
I didn't have any problems after I did this.
So if you're gunna do this csgo fix, I'd reccomend doing the patch first, then proceed with this guide.
Remember I'm not responsible for what happens after you do this.


If you have sucessfully completed everything with no problems, YOU DID IT! Now to make sure of this go an open up CS:GO, and go into your offline server and change the map like a maniac by doing changelevel <levelname> in the console, if you don't crash after all those changes BAM you win! Thank you very much for reading this Guide, if you have anyone with this problem please send this to them because it will help.
If you encounter any problems such as blue screens (which I doubt) and so on just reverse these steps, and undo everything.
Remember I'm not responsible for anything that happens, this is your choice.
Also make sure to favorite, rate and other jazz to help this guide get into the greater light!