How to feel good while playing CS:GO?

Published 04.02.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 56

How to feel good.

Step 1: You need to get outside to nearest weed shop.
(If weed is illegal in your country go to nearest metro station and ask for weed.
) Step 2: Buy your weed.
(I recommend sativa cuz it is better for your reflexes.
) Step 3: Learn how to roll a joint or blunt or how to make a bong out of empty water bottle and soda can.
Step 3: Blaze your treats.
(Remember to take as much smoke in your lungs as you can and keep it inside cuz you aint gettin' high if you just keep all the smoke in your mouth.
) Step 4: Launch CS:GO and ask some friends to play with you cuz everything feels better with friends.
Step 5: Go to competive without warmup cuz you dont give a fu*k about your rank because you are high.
(I also recommend to listen to some good music cuz music sounds better while you're high.
) Step 5: Enjoy! If everything done right you should look like this: Remember kids, always smoke weed when you can! Theer mihgt be sum spllinmg mistakes.
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