How to edit csgo screenshots in Photoshop

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Taking Screenshots

To start with editing screenshots you firstly have to take them.
Step 1Open the game, set everything in video settings to high and choose the map that you want to take screenshots on, in my case i used map called Siege - Workshop Link Step 2Now that you are on the map find good place with good lighting.
Use next commands to improve the look of screenshot.
Commands That you are going to use are: -     sv_cheats 1 -     fov_cs_debug 110 (you can play around with value) -     cl_drawhud 0 Step 3Take the first screenshot (IMPORTANT: Don't move your mouse after you take it) Type in console cl_righthand 0 to switch gun from right to left hand Take the second screenshot and close the game.

Importing Screenshot

If you know how to import screenshots skip this part, if you don't know keep reading.
Importing Screenshot Open your screenshot folder and drag the pictures into the Photoshop.
[If you don't know where it is located click on steam and then [b]Screenshots[/b] When you click it small window pops out and on bottom of window it will say Show on Local Disk click on it and it will automatically open your screenshot folder from where you can drag screenshots into the Photoshop.
Cinque Terre


Masking- Click on the layer with the left hand model and put above the layer with right hand model.
- Click on this icon to add layer mask on layer with the left hand.
-Press "B" on keyboard to use Brush Tool Foreground color needs to be black like here: Adjust the brush size (example) -Brush over the left part of the layer with the right hand until you get this result Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Effects - Blurred Background

Adding Effects Now the cool part, adding effects.
First effect that we will use is Blurred Background Make new empty layer by holding SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+NHold SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+E to merge everything on picture into one layer.
Click on Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian BlurPlay around with the blur Radius, i like to keep mine at somewhere between 15 and 20Now you have your entire image blurred but you don't want your gun to be blurred, to remove blur just use masking method or pen tool.
-After you removed blur from the guns you are done with blur effect Cinque Terre

Effects - Glow

Adding Glow Now this is easy part i promise.
Again make new layer by holding SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+N together Hold CTRL and Click on the mask of your image with left click.
(just to clarify, click on your current mask, don't make new one if that confuses you) Now you should have selection around the gun, hold SHIFT+BACKSPACE and just click OK Put Fill to 0% and Opacity to 100% Right Click on layer and then click on 'Blending Options' Yeeey now funny part.
Find 'Outer Glow' and put Blend Mode to Color Dodge You can use any color you want for glow, by default it should be white.
Play around with Size and Spread.
Duplicate layer (Shortcut CTRL + J) and again go on Blending Options but this time reduce size of glow, for example if on the first one size was 50, now put it to 30.
So you can get that 'double' glow effect.
Cinque TerreCinque Terre


Adding Text Well there is nothing hard here but i will cover it up as well.
Choose any font (In my case font is called Gotham Nights Bold Italic ) Right click on layer with text and choose Blending Options.
Find "Gradient" and choose any color you want.
Find "Drop Shadow" and just reduce size and opacity a bit Now you have something that looks like this: Cinque Terre

Color Correction

Adding CC Click on the circle icon, next to the layer mask icon (example) Click on Curves and just copy my settings Make another Curves layer and copy settings again Click on the circle icon, next to the layer mask icon and choose Gradient Map and copy my settings.
Put Opacity to 35% and Blend Mode set to Overlay just like image bellow Click on the circle icon again and choose " Levels " and again copy my settings And here is the result.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


So there you go guys, the finish.
I spent good time to make this guide and to explain it as best as i can for beginners in Photoshop so i hope you liked it, if you need any help still just add me but make sure to post the comment on my profile before it :) If you feel generous you can donate, it will be appreciated.