How to easy rank up to Global?

Published 22.08.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 131

Go step by step!

Step 1: Join a Solo queue mm and enjpy the nice russians etc.
Step 2: Run and Shoot.
Drive by shooting is like a real gangstar.
Step 3: Only buy P90 and rush b.
If you think you will lose.
Go and flame your team.
They will be scared of you and will make easy kills.
Step 4: Start a timeout to pray to Gaben for the nice Caseopening.
Step 5: If you plant the bomb.
Run away.
The CT´s won´t defuse it.
They just look at it.
Step 6: On CT-side never buy a defuse kit.
Only noobs need that! Step 7: If you bored of the P90.
Go buy SCAR-20 / G3SG1 and enjoy the game again! Step 8: Real globals dont need prime.
Prime is for ***** ! And a professionel tipp: Trade me all your skins and you get instant global ;)