How to do Overwatch cases

Published 10.04.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 36

You got to pump up thoses numbers

RequirementsCriteria to become an Overwatch Investigator are: - 150 Wins in MM - At least a Nova 1 rank - At least 350 hours - Age of the account - Number of reports against you Once you fulfil those requirements then you should have the option to do Overwatch cases.
Doing Overwatch cases not only helps rid the community of hackers but it also increase your trust factor score.
Aim AssistanceAim Assistance is fairly easy to spot.
- If the cross hair traces the player through walls (most likely walls and aim) - Cross hair flicks and locks into the head from a large distance away - Soft aim, where the cheater have to aim in the vicinity of the head and the software locks it on.
(quite hard to see in the replays but if you slow down the demo to 1/2 speed it is noticeable) Vision AssistanceQuite hard to spot especially with all closet cheaters unless they go full blatant.
Usually vision assistance is accompanied with aim assistance.
- Cross hair at the edges of walls where players would appear from, making them having god like reaction times - Looks at walls half the time to see where players are, unless the enemy are running which you can track from the footsteps - Having a pattern to rush site where other teams are rushing Other External AssistanceEasy - Unnatural bhopping.
e sideways, up a hill, up a stair case, hopping straight but just moving the mouse (bear in mind, that just because they can bhop in MM well does not mean they are cheating) - Spinbotting GriefingEasy - If the suspect retaliates back by shooting his teammates - Flashing his team mates at spawn a few times in the 8 round demo - Going AFK for more than half the demo **Spinbotting is all 3 except griefing.
You can pretty much fast forward and do another case if you see the suspect fast forward.
ConclusionThe more cases completed correctly the more weight your verdict has on the case.
This will help the community or at least help yourself from versing hackers in your matches.