How to deal with a bomb.

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The beginning

First,don`t panic.
You see bombs everyday in CS:GO Come and take a look at it.
If you don`t want to blow up,choose one out of three options : Cinque Terre

Option number one.

1) Risk your short life and try to defuse the bomb by holding "E" for 5 or 10 secounds.
Btw you are in the middle of action so you might get shot or even get killed! If that happens,your family and friends (Haha you don`t have any XD) will remember you as a failure hero.
(Press "F" to pay respect).
But,if somehow you will succseed,you will be magicly teleported to your spawn and get a lot of money and a rank "Super global guardian lem elete" (Yay).
Cinque Terre

Option number two.

2) Understand that you're too old for this ShEt and save yourself by running away.
In case you survive nobody will say "Thanks for letting terrorists blow up different objects on different maps and letting your comrads die".
You will probably get fired and get a nickname "coward" for your whole life.
(But you are alive anyway ツ ) Cinque Terre

Finally,options number three.

3)Turn off CS:GO and get out of the battlefield,why the f♂ck are you playing games in the warzone?! There is a bomb right in front of you so you better hurry and run away `cause you can`t defuse it,it doesn`t have an "E" key to on it! Cinque Terre


Thank you so much for reading this delusional leadership and i`m sorry for wasting your time) This was my first leadership and it might be terrible,but i hope you liked it :-) Any rate is welcome.
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