How to create private matchmaking server?

Published 12.03.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 85

Getting started!

You must create the casual private lobby and invite your friends.
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Changing game mode to competitive

Now you must write the commands in console: sv_cheats 1 game_mode 1 Cinque Terre

Change map

Now you can change the map which we are interesting for example: de_dust2 Cinque Terre

How to kick bots?

Now you must kick all bots.
To do this you must write bot_kick Cinque Terre


How to end warmup? You must write in console: mp_warmup_end Match is starting now.
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sv_cheats 0

Now you must write in console sv_cheats 0.

How invite a leaving players?

You must click "esc", and click on votes.
Now click on invite friends.
The leaving friends can join to your server! Cinque Terre

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