How to change gravity in Cs:Go [Console]

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In order to change gravity in Cs:Go, you need to enable Developer Console from Game Settings.
Once you joined a game open console by pressing "~" on your keyboard( the button above TAB) and type " sv_cheats 1" ( to enable cheats on the server)(you also need to be the admin of the server, or if you host the server.
After you done that you need to write in console "sv_gravity 300" and hit Enter.
This is the value that i used in the video.
The default value of variable "sv_gravity" is 800 ( normal gravity).
For zero gravity, replace "300 " with "0"( This is no so much fun ,because oance you jumped, you can't control your player).
Cinque Terre

"sv_gravity" for every planet

I made some research and i calculated the value of "sv_gravity" for every planet: Name----Real gravity----Game gravity Mercury----0.
378 G----302.
4 Venus----0.
907 G----725.
6 Earth----1 G----800 Moon----0.
166 G----132.
8 Mars----0.
377 G----301.
6 Jupiter----2.
36 G----1888 Saturn----0.
916 G----732.
8 Uranus----0.
889 G----711.
2 Neptune----1.
12 G----896 Pluto----0.
059 G----47.
2 I took the values of gravity from NASA( factsheet [nssdc.
gov] .
If it is wrong, blame them ,not me.

YouTube Example

The map is de_elysium http://steamcommunity.
com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=127132324&searchtext=de_elysium By 3kliksphilip( http://steamcommunity.
Very nice map!

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