How to become the ultimate hype man

Published 09.11.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 38

Learning to cool off

We all know csgo is a very stressful game, the skill gap is extreme and there are a lot of strategies used to annoy and get into you're head, whether it be with weapons, camping etc.
But you can get past that, don't dwell on the past and Gondor the future, learn what the enemy team is doing and act accordingly, the most important role of the hype man is to be "hyped", but you cannot do that if you are mad yourself.
Learn to control yourself and you're emotions, even if it means lying to yourself, csgo is more important than mental health.
You heard it here, don't @ me.
Cinque Terre

How to enforce you're positivity

There are multiple ways to enforce what your goal is, your job is to hype people up so they perform better, so how can we do that? Well for starters, an ego boost is very important, make that person feel like they are tough ♥♥♥♥ and if they complain about dying, say something like "they got lucky" or "good try".
Normally the better one feels the better they perform, this can downfall however and their ego can get to big which will ruin the ability for them to learn mistakes or change the way they play.
So how do we avoid that? Well.
You necessarily cant, of course if you know the person personally then you would know how to threat them to make them feel better so it doesn't go too far, but random people is a swing and a miss.

So the conclusion

Be nice, respectful, and overall a good sport for your team.
Sometimes your own positive attitude can rub off of others.
If you learned something in this guide give it a like, if you didn't go ♥♥♥♥ yourself.