How to be a good Sniper - Guide to Sniping

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Sniping is the art of taking out enemies one by one from a distance without directly engaging them.
Stealth is the key.
It's the element that distinguishes a good sniper from a terrible one.
Sniper Rifles, when used right can be the key to winning the game.
There are 4 sniper rifles featured in CSGO, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
In order to effectively use each one of them, you need to know their gameplay mechanics.
In this guide, I will try my best to provide as much info as possible and present useful tips while keeping it simple and easy to understand for everyone.
It's written in a way that both new and old players could benefit from it alike.

Core Skills

In this section, I will explain the main skills you need to practise in order to become a good sniper in CSGO.
Here's a list of core skills that a good sniper needs to have: Stealth Accuracy Prediction Positioning

Core Skills: Stealth

Stealth: A good sniper has to avoid being seen as much as possible, therefore it's a terrible idea to use Decoy Grenades at all while carrying a Sniper Rifle.
Because throwing a Decoy while holding a Sniper Rifle will let the enemy team know that one of your players is a Sniper.
This gives them time to prepare and be ready for you.
You need to hide and wait for the right moment to strike, so walk whenever possible and avoid making unnecessary noises.
Sniper is a backup role, you are not expected to engage in firefights and score entry frags.
While holding a sniper rifle, you should catch enemies off guard and eliminate them one at a time.
The most important thing to keep in mind is, never engage groups of enemies.
For instance, if you're camping at a corner and an enemy moves into your sights, keep him in sight and make sure there is no one else nearby before taking him out.
Try to remain as passive as possible and keep an eye out for information provided by your team.
As soon as your position is given away, relocate as soon as possible.
Never stay in one spot for too long if you're already spotted there.
Never stay in one spot for an entire round and pick different sniping positions each round of the game.
Smoke Grenade is a sniper's best friend while also being his worst enemy.
You can use Smoke Grenade to cover your tracks while retreating from a firefight.
Also beware of smoked positions on the map, as they block your line of sight and makes you vulnerable to surprise attacks.
Each team relies on information provided by their sniper.
As a sniper, your secondary role is to provide valuable intel to your teammates.
For instance, on Dust2, a sniper watching mid is expected to tell his team how many enemies have crossed to B site.
So as a sniper, be sure to have a functional mic to provide information to your teammates and help them coordinate attacks.
Patience is the key, you need to be able to patiently wait in one place for your prey to arrive while avoiding any unnecessary movement.
Never act too soon or too late.

Core Skills: Accuracy

Accuracy: As a sniper, accuracy is extremely important, losing a shot is the last thing you want.
You need to practice your aim every day and keep your reflexes sharp.
You need to be able to quickly spot enemies and take them out.
Half of a second could be the difference between death and a kill.
You need to be able to track enemies fast and keep them in your crosshair all the time, therefore a slower sensitivity is preferred for using a zoomed Sniper Rifle.
You can use "zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse *value*" in console to define how much % of original sensitivity should apply to a zoomed-in rifle.
You should switch your aim between enemies and take out the one that poses a more immediate danger to you first.
A closer enemy isn't always the most dangerous one, be sure to think twice before pulling the trigger.
Your priority should be targets that are more dangerous to your team.
For instance, an enemy fighting your teammates using M4/AK should always be taken out first even if an enemy with a pistol is closer to you.
Keep in mind that most Sniper Rifles are very inaccurate while moving, so always stand still before firing your shot.
All sniper rifles are extremely accurate while standing still, in order words your first shot will EXACTLY hit the center of your screen.
Keep in mind that consecutive shots of AWP & Auto Snipers will NOT be as accurate as the first one, however Scout can be fired indefinitely with minimum loss of accuracy.
In other words, you can fire Scout as fast as you can while still being able to effectively hitting targets.
AWP is extremely inaccurate while you're not scoped (zoomed in), however it's a lot easier to hit targets without zooming using the other three Sniper Rifles.
Always try to zoom-in before firing a shot with AWP.
Scout is the most accurate Sniper Rifle.
You can still score accurate hits in the beginning and end of your Jump.
In other words, you can accurately shoot with Scout while moving and/or jumping.
Shooting a bullet while Jumping is called a Jumpshot.

Core Skills: Prediction

Prediction: Anticipation is extremely important, most of the times you need to predict where the enemy is going to be very soon (instead of where he is right now), place your crosshair there and fire a shot using your reflexes when he gets into your crosshair.
For instance, when an enemy jumps, it's far easier to place your crosshair on the ground where he is going to land instead of trying to shoot him on air.
Be mindful of crossing places on each map.
In order to successfully guard a crossing, you need to expect contact all the time while watching the place.
Your mind should be in full alert state.
Enemies could attempt to cross at any second.
You often need to place your crosshair a bit in front of entry point so score a hit when an enemy is sighted.
You need to try to anticipate every enemy move, always check every corner with your side-arm (pistol) .
Expect a fight all the time, imagine there is an enemy camping behind EVERY single corner of the map.
Imagine enemies are everywhere and keep your mind very active.
Anticipate enemy movement patterns and try to hit him as soon as he gets into your line of fire.
Try to predict in which direction the enemy would most likely go and always aim a little bit ahead.
Try to figure out what weapons the enemy team has based on what gunfire sounds you hear, it's not that hard to detect a gun based on its sound.
When you know what their weapon is, you'll be even more ready to fight against it.
Think like the enemy, what would you have done in their shoes? Always try to be one step ahead of them.

Core Skills: Positioning

Positioning: Never leave yourself vulnerable to flanks.
Always try to stay close to walls and watch your back.
The last thing a sniper wants is getting shot in his back.
Pick a camp spot that doesn't leave you susceptible to being flanked and always have your back against a wall.
Have a plan and decide your position before the round starts, don't randomly wander around the map looking for easy picks.
Exercise extreme caution while moving around the map and try to reach your sniping position as fast as possible.
If the crossing point is close to your base, it's often a good idea to guard it for a while to provide information to your team.
You might even get a kill or do some damage in the meantime.
For instance, you can watch mid on Dust2 or Inferno at round start.
Don't forget to inform your team about how many players managed to cross.
It is crucial that you avoid any unnecessary movement.
Never rush enemy holding alone, always try to stay behind your teammates while taking a shot.
A sniper should never be the first in line.
Never engage retreating enemies, because there might be more nearby.
If you tag an enemy, just report damage done to your teammates and relocate.
Sniper is a support role, it is not your job to hunt down wounded enemies for the kill.

SSG 08 (a.k.a. Scout)

Weapon Information Cost: 1700$ Ammo: 10/90 Kill Reward: +0% Accuracy: Great Armored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~295:75:90:65 Unarmored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~350:85:105:65 Movement Speed (Normal:Zoomed) 230:230 Hints & Tips Scout is extremely accurate most of the time.
You can accurately fire shots while moving and/or jumping.
Keep in mind that Scout is only accurate at the beginning and the end of a jump, not while you're falling.
A headshot is always a kill, even if the enemy is wearing Helmet.
All it takes to kill a full HP opponent is two shots from SSG 08, even if they have full armor.
It doesn't matter where your first bullet hit, your second hit will always be a kill.
A very close shot to Stomach with a Scout can possibly kill an unarmored enemy (with 1 bullet).
You will NOT move faster than holding a knife while holding your Scout in CSGO.
6/CSS players should keep this in mind.
Movement speed doesn't decrease if you're zoomed-in with a Scout.

AWP (a.k.a. Sniper Rifle)

Weapon Information Cost: 4750$ Ammo: 10/30 Kill Reward: +33% Accuracy: Great while scoped, fair without scope Armored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~450:115:140:85 Unarmored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~460:115:145:85 Movement Speed (Normal:Zoomed) 200:150 Hints & Tips AWP can kill any enemy with one bullet unless it hits the Legs.
Armor is completely ineffective against AWP.
AWP bullets can pierce through players, you can possibly kill two or more players with a single AWP bullet.
You get bonus money whenever you kill a player using AWP (+100$).
AWP is extremely inaccurate without scope, even if you're standing still.

G3SG1 (a.k.a. Autosniper & Autonoob)

Weapon Information Cost: 5000$ Ammo: 20/90 Kill Reward: +0% Accuracy: Great while scope, good without scope Armored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~265:65:80:60 Unarmored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~320:80:100:60 Movement Speed (Normal:Zoomed) 215:150 Hints & Tips T & CT auto-snipers are almost identical with minimal differences.
G3SG1 appears to have a slightly longer reload time than SCAR-20.
Consecutive shots don't suffer from much recoil or inaccuracy, therefore spraying with autosniper is quite easy.
Usually 2 or 3 shots are enough to kill any enemy.
Autosnipers are more accurate than AWP while moving and while unzoomed.

SCAR-20 (a.k.a. Auto Sniper & Autonoob)

Weapon Information Cost: 5000$ Ammo: 20/90 Kill Reward: +0% Accuracy: Great while scope, good without scope Armored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~265:65:80:60 Unarmored Damage (Head&Neck:Chest&Arms:Stomach:Legs) ~320:80:100:60 Movement Speed (Normal:Zoomed) 215:150 Hints & Tips T & CT auto-snipers are almost identical with minimal differences.
G3SG1 appears to have a slightly longer reload time than SCAR-20.
Consecutive shots don't suffer from much recoil or inaccuracy, therefore spraying with autosniper is quite easy.
Usually 2 or 3 shots are enough to kill any enemy.
Autosnipers are more accurate than AWP while moving and while unzoomed.
SCAR-20 has higher tagging power, which means it slows down enemies more than G3SG1

Quick-Switch Technique

Quick-switch is a technique used by expert players to shorten the time between shots by a small amount (through cancelling full animation) in CS 1.
6 & CSS.
In order to quick-switch, you need to fire a shot using AWP/Scout, switch to another weapon then quickly switch back to AWP/Scout.
You can also doubletap "lastinv" button.
However, it's also used to cancel out the auto-scope in after each shot.
Every millisecond counts for a sniper and this small time can sometimes make a huge difference.
Bear in mind that this is no longer effective in CSGO.

Quick-Scoping Technique

Quick-Scoping is a technique mostly used in Call of Duty series, while it's not impossible in CSGO, it's not really as effective as it is in Call of Duty.
It basically means having the enemy in the center of your screen, zooming in and quickly/instantly firing your shot.
The difference between hard-scoping and quick-scoping is the fact that you need minimal/zero aim adjustment after you switch to scope.


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