How to avoid beeing scammed in CS:GO trading (Updated)

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What is a scammer?

In the last months I spend alot time on trading CS:GO items on steam and met alot of scammer.
One time i was scammed myself, luckily only for 4€ items.
This guide is going about a big problem in our community, known as the cheeky, dirty scammers.
What is a scammer you might ask? Well I think if you have some more expensive skins or items you should know.
A scammer is a person who tries to get your items or skins for free.
"WUT? MY SWEET ASIIMOV FOR FREE?" You might ask now.
Well yeah and this is what I want to teach you about in this guide :) PS: I apologize for my bad english :D

Different types of scammers

There are alot well known and less known methods of scamming items in steam.
In the following I will show you up some different scamming methods, so you will be safe while trading your items.
But remember, this are not all scamming methods and every day people are inventing new one.
So the golden rule is: NEVER TRUST ANYBODY!

The tradeoffer scam

Known as the most simple and less effective scam is the tradeoffer scam.
In this method the scammer send you a tradeoffer with your stuff in exchange for nothing.
Mostly he will add a message like "After the trade the amount of 100€ will be added to your steam wallet.
" or stuff.
He will fake a Valve message or CsgoLounge message or anything else.
NEVER FALL FOR THIS! Valve or CSGOLounge will never send you any tradeoffers, all offers like this you will get are from scammers!

The tradeoffer scam 2

This tradeoffer scam is on the first view not always seeable.
Here the scammer will offer you a trade where he wants all your cheap skins for like 5 cents for one key or another cool item.
But the scammer will put between the 20-30 cheap skins one of your expensive item like a AWP Asiimov.
This tradeoffer scam happened even to the CS:GO streamer Summit1g live on stream.
The only way to avoid this is to double carefully check the offer, not everything is that nice like it seems on the first view (Read exterior scam below)

The tradingcard scam

The tradingcard scam is a very clever scam methode for which i nearly felt myself.
The scammer buys a tradingcard or profilebackground or anything from the steammarket which is only once on the market for a few cents.
He put it back up in the market for much more money like 20€.
Now he will ask you to buy him this item from the market with several explantions why he can not buy it by his own.
He will offer you something expensive for that, like a knife or something.
When you have bought it you gave him your steam wallet and he will block you.
Simple but clever and very hard to see through the scam if you do not know it.
But now you do :D

The market price scam

This scam is not really a scam, but still not very fair.
There are always some idiots who try to sell their AWP Asiimov for example for 20€ more then the others.
Let´s say now all other AWP´s (the cheaper ones) are bought by someone and only the much more expensive ones are left in the market even though they do not have any special thing on them, the seller just want to make much profit.
Now the "scammer" will tell you "Watch my is the same price / more expensive then your item" but actually it is not, only there are all cheap skins sold out in the market.
If you do not know the prices of weapons well because you just have started trading use this website for this case: www.
com The website tells you the average price of your weapon and you can just simply watch if the "scammer" did or didn´t tell you the truth.
I myself only use this website for trading, in special cases only the market price or graphs.
ATTENTION: This don´t work when you are trading for a Knife with a special pattern like Case hardened, because the amount of blue can make it much more expensive.
Patterns that can make the items more expensive are: -Slaughter -Case Hardened -Crimson Web -Doppler -Fade -Marble Fade -Blue Steel (Mostly not that much) -Stickers (Not every sticker and mostly not much) -The float value of your weapon, for example my M4A1-S Cyrex Minimal Wear has a 0.
071 Float Value, so it looks totally Factory New.
The float value of Factory New starts at 0.
The smaller the float value number the better the look.
PS: I have written another guide about float value, check it out If the item you are trading for have one of these you should let it check by someone who really knows much about items prices so he can value it.

The middleman scam 1

The middleman scam is done in 2 different ways.
It will be mostly used when you want to sell your items for real money.
This is the first methode: The scammer will ask you if you want to have a middleman on your trade.
A middleman is a person who takes the items or the money from one person and exchanges it through the trading guys.
If you do not know the middleman, you have to be very carefull.
The middleman will take your items and give them to the scammer without giving you the money or stuff.
There is a much more complicated and cleverer middleman scam (Part 2), read on!

The middleman scam 2

This middleman scam is much more complicated.
The scammer will ask you if you want to use any of your friends as a middleman.
Now you will trade your items to your friend.
But then the tricky part happens.
The scammer will link your friends profile to his helper.
This helper will now copy your friends name, profile picture, profile description and everythink else, so it looks like he was your friend.
That is were steam makes a mistake, you should not be able to change your name all the time.
Well when the helper ave copied your profile he will tell your friend to give "you" (him) the stuff back because you decided not to trade for some reason.
Your friend will give the items to the scammers helper because it looks like it was you.
The best way to avoid being middleman scammed is to not trading with middleman, that simple.

The Paypal scam

The paypal scam is done with the online payment methode "Paypal" The scammer will ask if he could buy your item for real money via Paypal.
You think "Allright, real money, thats nice :)" Don´t be that stupid! The problem with paypal and virtual items is, that the scammer can take back his money because paypal waits for him to tell them that he got his stuff.
When you don´t send a package but sell virtual stuff paypal will not see that you have send anything to the buyer and they will allow him to take his money back.
Most of these scammers tell you they are trustworthy because they have many steam/csgolounge +reps on their profile, many years of steam membership and a Vac or tradeban clean profile.
But remember: Even the friendliest looking guy can be a devil.
You can spot most of the paypal scammer with the amount they are willing to pay.
People who offer you more then 70% market price of the item are most likely to be scammer.

The tradebot/link scam

The link scam and the tradebot scam are nearly brothers.
The scammer will send you a link and tell you it is a picture of his offer or anything else.
If you click it he will get your steam account password or it send a tradeoffer with your stuff to himself (this happened me).
It is not only used on steam, you can find this links on youtube and other sites too.
Never click a link when you are not 100% sure it is safe!!! The tradebot is a computer programm that uses fake steam accounts which add you, mostly it works together with CSGOLounge.
If you post a trade the bot will add you.
The bots are mostly steam level 0-2, have pictures of woman or simple names like "Christopher" or "Bob" or very unusuall names like "1234jfjiaj4o432".
This bots have mostly private profiles or no games on their profile and no items in their inventory.
So this scamming methode is very known and easy to avoid.
Just click on block when they add you :) PS: At the moment i have about 3000 blocked users, 99% of them bots.
So this scam is mainly the easiest and most often done scam.

The exterior scam

This scam methode is used when trading CS:GO items.
The person will offer you a skin like AWP Asiimov Field Tested but he has a Battle Scarred one.
Difference? About 30€ Mostly this scam is done with skins which are expensive in a good exterior but cheap in a bad one.
Known for this scam are the following skins: -M4A4 Modern Hunter -M4A1-S Atomitc Alloy -M4A1-S Cyrex -AK-47 Case hardened -Desert Eagle Stattrack Crimson Web -AWP Asiimov -M4A4 Radiation Hazard -M4A1-S Nitro -AK-47 Jaguar -AK-47 Vulcan -AWP Pink DDPAT Better double check the exterior and the price of this items when you trade with them! Do not rush the trade because you have the feeling to miss something great! For Example the M4A4 Radiation hazard is in Factory New exterior 92€ but in Minimal Wear only 6€ Mostly this scammers will write in CSGOLounge something like "DONT ADD ME, FAST TRADE 1:1, SEND ME AN OFFER" to make you rush the trade.
This scammer are mostly posting theire trades on CSGOLounge.
If you have more experience with trading and CSGOLounge you will just scroll by and ignore them.

The fake identity scam

This scam is mostly very easy to see, you just have to use your brain.
The scammer will impersonate a famous CS:GO streamer/Pro player/etc.
just by editing his profile to let it see like the original CS:GO streamer/Pro player/etc.
Now he will ask you if you want to have "signed" your weapon by putting a name tag with his name on your knife.
Sometimes they will ask if they can borrow the item etc.
This people are no the real people you are holding them for.
Just use your brain! Why should a famous streamer randomly add you and ask you if you want to have your knife signed? Do you think they have no better jobs to do? The best way to avoid this scam is to watch at the personal steam ID, every user have one specific ID and there can´t be twice the same.
My ID for example is http://steamcommunity.
com/id/4nderi/ Sometimes if a user didn´t set a personal ID the ID is just a following of numbers.
You can just go on the streamers Twitch / the youtube channel etc.
and find theire steam profile link.
Watch which ID they have and compare it with the one of the scammer.
If it´s not the same ID the guy is a scammer.

Now you

This was my first guide, be kind please :D Have you experienced more scamming methodes? You can just write it below or tell it me so I can make the guide completed.
Also tell me how you liked it and if I should do some more guides in the future :D