How to act like Deidara

Published 01.04.2019 в 06:00 | Guide rating: 138

1)Fear not anybody even if he is stronger and more experienced than you

You have the ability, they are inside you have to open yourself

2)always remember that you are a ninja

You should not make the attack immediately, waits enemy.

3)buy a grenade and use it

Deidara loves explosion therefore you also create their Art

4)always sweep Smokey

you have to shoot the smog, even if not sure that there is someone there

5) when you see the enemy, start fire on him

You will not just stand by and do nothing, it is better not pull vryamya Attack at once, but if he can not see you throw the grenade at him

6)Remember the art is a blast

Deidara's Word says the truth

7)try to do everything himself without the help of others, or else they would not help you

You probably think I'm a fool, and this is a game for the team, then you are wrong, your partner do not care vas.
A goal is to kill the enemy faster than you

8)Deidara does everything alone, despite the tragedy

You have to get out of any situation

9)Do not be afraid of death

During one game you can do a more kills and do not be afraid if you smerti.
Dazhe 10-28xp ----- ------- ----- try to blow up the enemy and ourselves