How to Votekick Yourself or Bots from CS:GO Matchmaking!

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What you will need!

It´s really easy and simple to do.
There are no downloads etc.
All you need is: • Console If you have trouble opening your console follow these steps: 1.
Start CS:GO 2.
Options → Game Settings 3.
Enable Developer Console → Yes 4.
Options → Keyboard / Mouse 5.
Scroll all the way down to "Toggle Console" and set a button you´d like.

How it´s done!

Express Guide: 1.
Play Matchmaking 2.
Open your Console 3.
Write "status" and Press Enter 4.
Find your Name and your Number (e.
: # 12 1 "Finnelele feat.
Birdbrain") If you want to Kick a Bot you just use the Bots Number 5.
Type "callvote kick your number" into the Console (e.
: "callvote kick 12 1") 6.
A Vote to Kick you from the current Game should Pop Up 7.
Get Kicked (or Not) Detailed Guide: So the first thing you want to do is get into a matchmaking.
If it tourns out that you got matched with a bunch of trolls, leavers or just plain idiots it´s worth a try to votekick yourself from the current game.
With this method you can also votekick bots.
If you ask yourself now why you would want to kick a bot, just keep reading because it actually has a strategic reason.
Now after deciding you want to leave the current match (for whatever reason), open your console.
If you have troubles opening your console read the first chapter of this guide "What you will need!" Type "status" into your console and hit enter.
It will give a list of every to the server connected player/bot and a number for each.
Search for your name and your number like in the picture shown below: The next step is to type "callvote kick number" into the console.
Here is an example with the picture above: Command to kick myself: callvote kick 2 1 Command to kick bot Ernie: callvote kick 9 Why would you want to kick a bot? You know those matches where everything goes wrong and then even player of your team disconnects? You tell the bot to stay at his current location and even he is like "Nope, ♥♥♥♥ you.
", run´s into middle with an awp and drops it for the enemies.
Bots have different play styles, and if a bot won´t listen to your commands you can kick him and probably the next bot will.
Also if you kick a bot he will drop his weapon, but you won´t be able to control him for the round.
A new bot joins in the buytime of the next round.
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