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What is This!?'Roleplay' is more of an advanced gamemode than stand-alone gamemodes or custom gamemodes on Team Fortress 2.
Roleplay allows you to feel accomplished about yourself as you gain Money, a House, and Reputation.
Things to Keep in Mind This Gamemode is.
An ongoing project, there will be many changes in the future.
Persistant, your progress is saved automatically.
This includes your home.
Based off the original Roleplay gamemode in HL2:DM Powered by SourceMod's[www.
net] advanced plugin API This Gamemode is NOT.
DarkRP, or any form of Garry's Mod-like Roleplay 100% Serious

Learning the HUD & Finding Your Stats

What is the HUD? The Heads Up Display, also known as the HUD or User Interface, is a visual tool used by players to see the status of various elements such as their health, ammo, etc.
Breaking Down the HUD Hint Text Located in the bottom center of the screen, these are known as Hint Messages.
These are messages that you see when you come across doors, or common events such as you viewing another player's info via looking at them Alert Hint Text Message Alert messages pop up with a differently colored icon and are a subset of Hint Messages.
They are important messages for server events such as money drops, stock market crashes, and other players robbing NPCs Money This is the money you have in your wallet.
If you are killed by another Terrorist/Civilian, you will lose and drop all of this money.
You can deposit this money into the bank, which we'll explain how to do later Menu Appearing on the left center of the screen are menus, in which you will navigate by using your number keys to select the corresponding item in their list.
[/b][/h1] Scoreboard Money = Wallet Money ( * the Money you are carrying * ) Kills = Hours spent on server Assists = Wage, the money you receive per minute when Deaths runs out.
The more time you have on the server, the higher your Wage Deaths = Seconds until you receive your Wage Score = Crime Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Getting a Job

There many jobs to choose from, but only some of them actually do something.
Some of these jobs are: RP Guide: Press E on a player and press Guide Player.
If they accepted, you get paid for giving them a tour around the server.
Thief / Robber: Press E on a person and you can pickpocket them and steal weapons from them.
Medic: Press E on a wounded person and charge them money to heal them.
Sanitation: Pick up garbage/props around the map and bring it to this location and press E on the garbage/props to earn some cash.
Hooker / Stripper: Have someone press E on you and make love with you for $250, $500, or $750.
Good way to bond with someone.
Banker: Be a banker for someone so they can deposit their money to their bank.
Bounty Hunter: If you killed someone with a bounty, you gives X times the money that the bounty gives.
Hitman: Have someone press E on you to place a hit on someone.
If you killed the target, you will earn money.
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Your Inventory

Your Inventory is an important aspect of Roleplay as it contains all the items you find and buy.
You may find important information in the inventory such as how many items you have and what they're all worth.
Using the inventory is a simple process.
Accessing Your Inventory: Hit the Y Key and type /items.
Alternatively, you may press the Reload key when your Melee Weapon is out (Can Be Disabled with /toggle command).
Then you'll see a menu on left to your screen.
Navigating Your Inventory: Once you've opened your inventory menu, you will have several categories of items.
Choose any Category: Choose any item within that Category: Now you have three options: Use, Drop, or Back to Inventory.
Use:Use the Item, some items will disappear after use while others will not.
Drop:This will Drop the item into a small SMG ammo box that is able to be picked up by pressing E on it.
Back to Inventory:Just brings you back to your main inventory screen with all the categories.
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What makes MoonShade Roleplay worth playing is the fact that you can actually keep your home that you buy when you leave the server, as opposed to most roleplay gamemodes on Garry's Mod.
You'll be able to keep the home as long as you play consistently.
What Qualifies as Homes:Anything that has a door and a room that is a decent size.
It doesn't matter if it's one room, garage, or a house! Buying Homes: Approach the designated door in which you wish to buy.
Aim at the main door of the home Press the Y Key Type: /buydoor Type: /mydoormess Whatever you want your Door Name to be Giving Keys to Other Players: Aim at your door Hit the Y key Type: /givekeys 1 theirname Important Note: If you want to give multiple keys, you must go up in 1 number every time you give a key.
Example: /givekeys 1 person1.
/givekeys 2 person2 Removing Keys from Other Players:Just type in the chatbox: /deletekeys 1.
The number is for the slot # you gave the person keys to.
If you did: /givekeys 1 blarg, you would only need to type /deletekeys 1 Selling your Home: Approach your door Aim at your door Press the Y Key Type: /selldoorYou will receive 90% of the price you bought the home back to you.


Bankers are NPCs who allow you to make several transactions through your Bank Account and your Wallet.
They usually appear as Banks, but can be located anywhere.
Using Bankers To with withdraw money, simply approach the Banker and follow the steps below: 1.
Aim at the Banker and hit E (or your +use buttom) 2.
Choose one of the following Withdraw Deposit Write a Check Cash in Check(s) Write Check Book $10 Banker Options Withdraw - Withdraw a certain amount of money from your bank account Deposit - Deposit a certain amount of money into your bank account Write a Check - After you bought a check book, you can write a check that turns money into a check item Cash in Check(s) - Cash in a check item you saved/received Write Check Book $10 - Buy a Check Book that holds 10 checks you able to write, costs $10 Cinque Terre


One of the most Basic aspects of Roleplay, Vendors are NPCs who sell you items to buy in the world of Roleplay.
Buying From Vendors To Buy from any Vendor, simply follow the steps below: 1.
Find a Vendor 2.
Aim at the Vendor and hit E (or your +use button) 3.
Select the item you wish to buy Notice the options are formatted as: Item Name - Price 4.
Select an option: either [Cash], [Credit], or [Buy Bulk].
You will hear a sound when you bought your item, simply repeat the process to buy another item.
Note: If you have under 10 hours, you may use a friendly "Credit" feature to buy items without having to withdraw money from your Bank Account.
Important Note: Vendors will not sell items to you when you have cactus drug grams on you.
Types of Vendors: Weapons Food Drugs and Plant Water Alcohol Drug Effects Furniture Medical Supplies Locks and Lockbreakers Rebel Supplies Skins Dice VIP Vendor Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Crime and Jail

What it is: Crime is.
well crime basically.
The more illegal activities you perform, the more crime you will receive.
Once you reach over 600 crime, you're able to be arrested by the cops and be put in Jail.
When You Get It: Getting crime including but not limited to: Killing other players Robbing Vendors/Bankers Planting, Selling, and Handling Illegal Drugs Using Lockpicks/Doorhacks/Cuffsaws How Much Crime do I Have?!Your crime is located on the scoreboard.
Score = Crime Getting Rid of it: Every second you're alive on the server, your Crime goes down by 1 every second.
Note: Some items may affect this such as Crime Accelerators or Crime Reducers, which speed up the loss of crime.
How it Will Affect You: For every 800 (Subject to Change) Crime you have while you are cuffed and jailed by a cop, you get 60 seconds in jail.
The Roleplay plugin will round to the nearest whole number from crime/crimepermin(default 750) Example: Player Joe gets jailed with 4000 Crime, he will spend 5 minutes in jail Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Being a Policeman

Power of Your Knife As a cop, your knife is used to cuff civilians with 800 or more crime.
Your knife will do 0 damage and upon hitting a civilian, their HP will be restored to full.
Cuffing Civilians When someone reaches over 800 crime (score on the scoreboard), you are able to cuff them using your knife.
Another tactic used to cuff criminals is to hit them with a High Explosive Grenade, right as you pull your Knife out.
Make sure they have at least 800 crime.
This method is known as Nade-Cuffing.
You may uncuff them by hitting them again with your knife, this is known as a cuff/uncuff.
Jailing Criminals Instead of cuff-uncuffing, you probably want to jail that civilian depending on the crime they committed, such as killing other innocent civilians.
Follow the steps below to jail a cuffed civilian: Cuff the criminal by either hitting them with your knife or holding your knife out and hitting them with a nade explosion Press USE (E) on the player twice OR Press USE (E) ONCE and select [Jail] on the menu indicated below: Make sure you do not double-jail the criminal, as that will grant you a penalty You may also want to free them, if you want to "jail-unjail", simply go to the menu that appeared when you hit E on them, go to the next page, and select [Release].
Combat Rules If someone kills you and when you respawn, you cannot kill them.
This is known as "NLR" (New Life Rule) also known as no revenge killing.
Kickdoor Cops are unable to use "rebel items" such as lockpicks, doorhacks, or cuffsaws.
To be able to get inside locked homes, cops use kickdoor.
Caution: Only use kickdoor when a criminal has a bounty (2,500 or more crime) indicated by a purple tracer.
Follow the steps below to kick down a civilian's door: Make sure you have $1,000 in your wallet Aim at your door you want to kick open Hit the Y key and type /kickdoor in chat Enter their home and jail the criminal Ranking up & Job menu differences The job menu should look different when you are a cop, as indicated below: Three factors determine how far until you are promoted: Cuffs - Amount of times you have cuffed players as cop Minutes - Amount of minutes spent as playing cop Experience - Received per 1000 crime + 1 from jailing civilians Promotions increase your HP, give you better weapons, and different player models.
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Map Video Tutorials (Optional)

Keep in mind - These are purely map-based tutorials that teach you how to play right from the basics.
Everything in these videos is explained in this guide, with the exception of map-specific details such as where NPC's are located, etc.
Mittelfans Thank you to Mewn for creating the very first video tutorial located on Mittelfans! City 45 Westfield Special thanks to Skittle for creating these tutorial videos for City 45 and Westfield!

Joining a Server / Adding a Server to Favorites

Hit the PLAY Button, then select BROWSE COMMUNITY SERVERS: On Panorama UI: On Scaleform UI: At the bottom of the server browser window, hit on the button named Change Filters, if the filters are not already present: Type in the Map filter: rp_ and refresh the server list: Right click any server that shows up, then select one of the following.
Beware adding to blacklist will make it to where you will never see that server again, as long as it uses the same IP: You can also add a server to your favorites, and will never have to search for it again unless it changes IP's: You can view your favorite servers under the Favorites tab: Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre