How to Find & Buy Quicksells

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This guide is made mostly for beginners.
I'll try to keep this guide as short and simple as possible.
Do you appreciate what I do? Feel free to help & donate any items to me as a kind thanks

1. Steam profile

If you know someone with the item you are looking for, then: Add him/her to your Friends list.
Find the Friends tab > Friends list Right click on his/her name View Steam Profile

2. Inspect inventory

When you are on his/her Profile page, then: find the Inventory tab (located in the lower right corner) click on it and view his/her Inventory

3. Find the item

When you are in his/her Inventory page, then: find the item you are looking for try to memorize the name of it

4. Open your Internet browser

As simple as it is.
Doesn't matter which web browser you use, the effect will be the same.

5. Check price of the item

When your web browser is fully loaded go the navigation bar, then: Open this link http://csgo.
com/ Next to the Search bar you can switch the currency to the one you prefer Click on the search bar and type a name of the item you memorized before (e.
g, M9 Urban Masked) Click on the suggested item.
If nothing popped up, you have most likely memorized the name wrong.
g, ★ M9 Bayonet | Urban Masked (Minimal Wear) After that you should be redirected to the sub-page with the item you are looking for.
On the bottom left corner you can see all the available conditions of the particular item.
g, Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred) I'm going to chose Minimal Wear for the tutorial purposes.
Next to it you can see the value in money (e.
g, 115,71 €) and next to that you can see the approximate ammount of keys it is worth.
In CS:GO trading community this number (app.
key value) is considered as the price of an item.

6. Calculating the %

In this part we are going to calculate the minimal value and the maximum value you can pay/sell the item for and you will always end up profiting.
When you already know the approximate ammount of keys your item is worth (e.
g, 52 keys in my case), then: Open the Calculator application on your computer Type the number of keys your item is worth (the approximate value in keys) Normal quicksell price when dealing with keys is 85% of the item’s price => (85/100 = 0.
85) To calculate how much is 85% of the item you are looking to buy/sell just write down the number (approximate value of your item in keys) times by 0.
85 (normal quicksell percentage) and it will equal to the 85% of the price.
g, 52 x 0.
85 = 44,2, rounded to 44).
=> If I were to pay less than 44 => easy profit for me, plus possibility to resell the knife at any time for 44 keys pure.
If I were to buy it for 45+ keys it’s a bad deal => I’m "overpaying" because there are many people out there who can do 44 keys pure at any time, but not that many people who can pay 45+ keys pure.

7. Buying or Selling the item

At this point we have: minimum ammount "profit" (1-43 keys) optimal "maximum, still profit" ammount (44) overpay "not profit" (44+)


I hope I helped you.
Please keep in mind that this guide stricly for key only trading.
If you are going to pay with items consider approximate key price as the actual price.
There is no 85% of the price when dealing with items.
When you deal with tiems you might be even asked to overpay and pay more than 110% of the item price, although I don't recommend doing this.
If you are losing value in some trade, simply don't do it.
Rather leave the trade as it is than if you were to regret it later.
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