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I will show you how to enable the in-game console and use the mute script

Enabling Console

you'll probably need the in-game console to use some advanced commands.
If you've enabled the console, skip to the next step.
There are two methods to enable the in-game console: First Method: Open Steam in your Computer Right-Click on CS:GO and choose Properties In GENERAL Tab, Open SET LAUNCH OPTION.
write "-console" without quotation and press ok.
Now You'll see the console whenever you open the game Second Method: You can also enable from the game's option menu Just do like the picture below : Now you can open the console with ~ button (above the Tab button): Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Using the Console

After joining a match, Open up console and write : voice_enable 0 And Press Enter.
The game will show you a message that players' voices are muted : Cinque Terre

Good News!

This command DOES NOT mute the whole game sounds; it only turns off the players' AND You can use this command in all Source Engine Games here's the full list of source engine games : https://store.
com/bundle/232 Have Fun !