How to: Change your HUD

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This guide will let you know how to use correctly the new commands for changing HUD, usable in developers's console or from options.
But, keep attention at the guide and you with a few steps you will gain a new 'modded' HUD

Command explaining:

safezonex brings the HUD closer to the center of the screen (x axis).
safezoney brings the HUD closer to the center of the screen (y axis).
hud_scaling scales the size of the HUD.
cl_hud_radar_scale similar to hud_scaling, but it scales the Radar individually.
cl_hud_background_alpha Sets how transparent the HUD backgrounds are.
cl_hud_bomb_under_radar Shows the C4 under the radar when picked up.
cl_hud_color Sets the color of the HUD elements also you can edit from options.
cl_hud_healthammo_style Sets the style of the health and ammo areas (simple/default).
cl_hud_playercount_pos Sets the position of the time/players area (top or bottom).
cl_hud_playercount_showcount Select between 2 modes of showing the players in the hud (number or avatars).
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HUD Colors & Commands options:

* Aqua 1 Green 2 Yellow 3 Orange 4 Red 5 Pink 6 Purple 7 Blue 8 Light blue 9 White 10 cl_hud_background_alpha Default 0.
5; Min 0 Max 1 cl_hud_bomb_under_radar Default 1; Max 0 cl_hud_color Default 0; List of numbers up in the table * cl_hud_healthammo_style Dafaul 0; Max 1 cl_hud_playercount_pos Default 0 (top); Max 1 (bottom) cl_hud_playercount_showcount Default 0 (show player avatars); Max 1 (show count number, no avatars) cl_hud_radar_scale Default 1; Min 0.
8 Max 1.


Will be added soon

Credits & Extra infos:

This is my first guide so be gentle with me ♥; I made by myself all pics here & some text.
Thanks to maddada for the defination of all the commands.
Raid3n who helped me for some texts.
Thanks http://twowordbird.
com/ for commands variables, check this out for a full list of commands Thanks to all of you, for reading and sharing this guide.
If you like this guide remember to vote, rate and share this to your fiends, helps me alot! Cinque Terre