How to Bind Grenades (Not Buy-Binds)

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What is a "Bind" and how it works...

***If you already know how to make a bind using the console, than you can simply skip to the next section where i'll tell you the exact grenade commands you need to know*** A bind is basically a "hot-key" or a "shortcut" for executing commands with a tap of a button.
For example: bind "MOUSE1" "+attack" *That is the order of the console command*: bind(First) "Key"(Second) "Command"(Third) This is a simple command that you already have configured in your game, it's the "shoot" command.
Everytime you press MOUSE1(Left Mouse Button), it will execute the +attack(shoot) command.
Your whole "key bindings" options works like this and you can use the advantage of the console to make binds for commands not available on the menu.
Another example: bind "F8" "disconnect" Now everytime i press F8, it will execute the disconnect command, so you don't have to open up the menu and then click on disconnect if you want to leave the server you're playing.
Now, to the real thing.

Binding the Grenades

First, you need to know the codes of the grenade commands: *Code (Grenade Type)* hegrenade (He Grenade) flashbang (Flash Grenade) smokegrenade (Smoke Grenade) molotov (Molotov) incgrenade (Incendiary Grenade) decoy (Decoy Grenade) Now, you need to know two prefixes: use weapon_GRENADECODEHERE You'll need these two to type the command correctly.
Here's an example: bind "f" "use weapon_decoy" And now, I don't have to keep pressing 4 until i have a decoy in my hand, I just need to press F (presuming you have the grenade, of course).
More examples (you can use these, if you want): bind "c" "use weapon_hegrenade" bind "x" "use weapon_smokegrenade" bind "MOUSE3" "use weapon_flashbang" Note: MOUSE3 is the middle mouse button.

Binding Molotov and Incendiary Grenade on the same key

Use this command: bind "KEY" "use weapon_molotov; use weapon_incgrenade" *KEY is the button of your choice* So now you don't need to have a bind for each if you're on CT or T side, you can just use the same button you binded for them.

And that's it!

Congratulations! Now you can equip your grenades faster and with ease! If you think I should add something to the guide, leave a comment below.
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