How does weapon damage work?

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How much damage will I inflict?

DAMAGEFor more guides on weapon damage written by the community, CLICK HERE.
Damage is simply how much you hurt your enemy when you shoot them.
Different weapons inflict different amounts of damage.
To see how much damage each weapon will inflict, refer to the buy menu in-game.
Hitting your opponent in different parts of their body will do different amounts of damage.
Here is how much damage hitting each part of an opponents body will do when your opponent is not wearing armor: Damage Bodypart 400% Head 125% Stomach 100% Chest and arms 75% Legs Headshots do much more damage than shots to the body.
You can often kill an enemy with one well-placed shot to the head.

How does armor penetration work?

ARMOR PENETRATIONNot to be confused with wall penetration (sometimes called wallbanging), armor penetration(AP) determines how much damage your shot will do to an opponent when they are wearing armor.
Each weapon has a different AP value, so deciding which weapon to use at different times during the match is very important.
If you know your opponent will not be wearing armor (because they can't afford it, for example), you are better off buying a weapon with with a low to no AP value.
How does armor penetration work? Depending on the AP value of the weapon you're shooting with, a portion of the damage will be applied to the opponents armor and the remaining will reduce their health.
The portion that is applied to the armor is halved before it is applied and reduces the opponent's armor value by that amount.
Weapons can have an AP value range from 0 to 2.
0 is no armor penetration (armor will consume all of the damage) and 2 is full armor penetration (the bullet ignores all armor completely and health is reduced by the full damage amount).
For example, if I hit an armored opponent with a weapon that has an AP of 1, the opponents armor will take half of the full damage applied (50), reduce that damage by half (25) and get reduced by that amount.
The remaining damage (50) will reduce the opponents health directly.
To see how damage is applied for different values of AP, see the table below.
Raw Damage (of weapon) AP (of weapon) HP loss (of target) ARMOR loss (of target) 100 0 0 50 100 0.
1 5 47.
5 100 0.
5 25 37.
5 100 0.
75 37.
5 31.
25 100 1 50 25 100 1.
1 55 22.
5 100 1.
5 75 12.
5 100 1.
75 87.
5 6.
25 100 2 100 0 Armor covers the head (with helmet), chest, arms and stomach, so if you hit your opponent in the legs, no armor reduction takes place.