How are points and money awarded?

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How are points awarded?

PLAYER SCOREYour score is a number that indicates how well you are doing compared to other players in the same game.
You can view your individual score (and those of your teammates and opponents) on the scoreboard by pressing the TAB key.
Here are how points are awarded: POINTS REASON 3 Defusing a planted bomb (if enemies are alive) 3 Rescuing a hostage 3 Killing an enemy performing an objective action (defending an active bomb, defusing a bomb, defending a hostage, rescuing a hostage, etc) 2 Killing an enemy (in all modes but Deathmatch) 2 Planting a bomb 1 Defusing a bomb (when all enemies are dead) 1 Assisting with a kill (doing > 40 points of damage, but not killing the victim) 1 Assisting a hostage rescue as a CT 1 Successfully defending a planted bomb and having it explode (all surviving Ts) -2 Killing yourself -2 Killing a teammate *** In Deathmatch, kill points vary with each weapon and is based on the weapon's individual statistics as well as price

How is money awarded?

MONEYIn classic modes, you earn money by performing individual and team actions.
Use that money to purchase weapons at the beginning of the round.
The maximum money you can have is $16000 in Competitive and $10000 in Casual.
Here is how you earn money in Casual and Competitive: Player Awards AWARD REASON $100-$1500 Neutralizing an enemy (depending on the weapon and game mode) $1000 Extracting a hostage $300 Planting the bomb $300 Defusing the bomb $150 Reaching a hostage $-3300 Killing a friendly Team Awards TEAM AWARD REASON $3250 Eliminating the enemy team on a bomb map $1400 Losing the round (plus $500 bonus for each additional round lost) Counter-Terrorists $3500 Winning by rescuing a hostage $3250 Winning by defusing the C4 $3250 Winning by running down the clock on a bomb map $2000 Eliminating the enemy team on a hostage map $500 Reaching a hostage Terrorists $3500 Winning by bomb detonation $3250 Winning by running down the clock on a hostage map $1000 Eliminating the enemy team on a hostage map $800 Bonus award for losing due to the bomb being defused $0 Survivor award for running down the clock on a bomb map (if the bomb hasn't been planted)

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