How VAC works

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1. When you play MATCHMAKING!

6 reports on MM, reports restarts after 22 hours and you are CLEAN AGAIN! II.
If you got 6 and more reports on MM = OVERWATCH (DON`T worry if you play without cheats) III.
If the VAC secured server exceeded a certain value, you will get banned - UNTRUSTED is like VAC (e.
fakedown in cheats menu) IV.
Watching the match CANNOT report team players.
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2.VALVE bans

CS:GO VAC ban - VAC found a cheat in your memory and flagged you.
CS:GO Overwatch ban - Community found you for cheating.
Reversable if manually reviewed by support, highly unlikely.
CS:GO Untrusted ban - Forced a protected Cvar or went out of bounds.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

3.MM (Matchmaking)

You get a total of 6 reports per 22 hours, meaning; You can report up to 6 people every day.
If you get more than 6 reports every 22 hours, then you will be OW banned.
(Legits don't worry) III.
If you attempt to force a Protected Cvar or go out of bounds on MM or any Valve dedicated server, you'll recieve a Untrusted ban.
(Untrusted/UT is just like VAC) IV.
If you are watching that match, you cannot report team players for cheating.

4.Steam Profile

People will yell at you that they are going to report your Steam Profile, but fear not, this will do nothing.
If someone reports it, it will only be for statistics over actual action.
You'll just need to worry about scamming, impersonation and/or offensive avatars

5. TL - DR

VAC doesn't work, the community does more work.
Red bannersOW bans will appear as game bans on the profile.
Untrusted bans will appear later on the persons profile and will appear as a VAC.
Yellow bannerVAC will appear as a VAC on the profile.
VAC bans on the profile will disappear after 2000 days, as mine has.
Game bans will remain there forever.

6.The end

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