How To: Set up your own Guardian Cooperative server!

Published 18.11.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 69

What is this guide?

This guide will assist you in making a server for the "popular" game type Guardian which was released with Operation Bloodhound.

LAN Easy Start

If you are playing a game with bots or LAN, this should be enough to get going.
Copy/paste the following into your console to quickly turn a local game into Guardian Cooperative: bot_kick all; game_type 4; game_mode 0; exec gamemode_competitive; exec gamemode_cooperative; exec coop/bot_waves_rush_a; mp_randomspawn_in_bombsite 1; bot_custom_strat rush_a; bot_quota 6; mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_warmuptime 30; mp_restartgame 1


A server running the latest CSGO updates, which you have admin and/or rcon.
You will need to create and edit a few config files.

Finding configs

In your Steam directory, go to steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\ This guide assumes csgo is your current directory.
Notable config files \gamemodes.
txt - Describes game_type and game_mode options.
txt - Override config for values in gamemodes.
cfg - Guardian gametype config vars.
cfg - Guardian bot settings.


Create a file named /gamemodes_server.
txt with the following contents: "GameModes.
txt" { "gameTypes" { "cooperative" { "value" "4" "nameID" "#SFUI_GameTypeCooperative" "gameModes" { "cooperative" { "value" "0" "nameID" "#SFUI_GameModeCooperative" "descID" "#SFUI_GameModeCooperativeDesc" "maxplayers" "10" "show_rich_presence_map_game" "#SFUI_Lobby_StatusRichPresenceSeparator_classic_competitive" "show_rich_presence_map_watch" "#SFUI_Lobby_StatusRichPresenceSeparator_classic_competitive" "show_rich_presence_map_review" "#SFUI_Lobby_StatusRichPresenceSeparator_classic_competitive" // These are the configs that get executed when a game mode of this type is created "exec" { "exec" "gamemode_competitive.
cfg" "exec" "gamemode_cooperative.
cfg" "exec" "gamemode_cooperative_server.
cfg" } } } } } }


Add the following to your /cfg/server.
cfg config: game_type 4 game_mode 0 exec gamemode_competitive exec gamemode_cooperative exec coop/bot_waves_rush_a alias bombsite_a "mp_randomspawn_in_bombsite 1; bot_custom_strat rush_a" alias bombsite_b "mp_randomspawn_in_bombsite 0; bot_custom_strat rush_b" bombsite_a alias gd_nolimits "mp_guardian_player_dist_min 0; mp_guardian_player_dist_max 9999;" alias gd_limits "mp_guardian_player_dist_min 800; mp_guardian_player_dist_max 1200;" alias enable_buy "mp_buy_anywhere 1; sv_buy_status_override 0; mp_buy_during_immunity 0;" This will start guardian mode when the server loads into a map.
Adds commands: bombsite_a - Sets the objective to bombsite A (default) bombsite_b - Sets the objective to bombsite B (WIP) gd_nolimits - Removes the guardian kill boundaries gd_limits - Adds the guardian kill boundaries (de_dust defaults) enable_buy - Fixes inability to buy on maps like gd_crashsite

Useful Guardian commands

force bots to do a special behavior.
(rush_a == bots rush a; rush_b == bots rush b) bot_custom_strat rush_a If set to the index of a bombsite, will cause random spawns to be only created near selected bombsite Bombsite index is different on each map mp_randomspawn_in_bombsite 0 # of kills needed witht he special weapon to win the match mp_guardian_special_kills_needed 50 which weapon is needed to get kills with to win the match.
if this is blank, the players just need to survive until the round timer expires to win.
make sure mp_default_team_winner_no_objective is set to have the CTs win if this is set to blank! mp_guardian_special_weapon_needed any The distance at which we start to warn a player when they are too far from the guarded bombsite.
mp_guardian_player_dist_min 800 The maximum distance a player is allowed to get from the bombsite before they're killed.
mp_guardian_player_dist_max 1200

Guardian specific maps

This section was contributed by EvilHeavy The config files in /csgo/maps/cfg work for the following: Hostage Rescue (CS) maps Office Bomb Defusal (DE) maps Aztec Cobblestone Dust Dust II Inferno Lake Mirage Overpass Season Train Vertigo Guardian maps (CS or DE maps with opposite team defending) Bank (different appearance) Cobblestone Crashsite (Guardian-specific map) Lake The config files do NOT work for.
(not configured correctly) Assault (boundaries not configured) Cache (spawn not correct) Italy (boundaries & hostage position not configured) Militia (boundaries & hostage position not configured) If the map isn't specified here, there isn't a configuration file in /csgo/maps/cfg for it.
And yes, contrary to popular belief, Assault is not configured correctly in guardian.
There *is* just one hostage and the bots *do* work, but the boundaries aren't configured correctly.


This guide is, and always will be a work in progress.
Please feel free to add comments, create Youtube guides, make suggestions, and help surface information you found useful in creating your server.
Ways you can contribute: Setup on various popular game hosts New sections that aren't currently included More useful commands Work arounds for various types of servers and hosts Instructions specifically for LAN or Local servers Better instructions for dedicated servers Bombsite indecies for each map Translations I can add images and videos you guys submit as well.
You will be fully credited if I include your work or suggestions.