How To Make Buy Binds!

Published 08.04.2019 в 12:00 | Guide rating: 108


Hello! This guide is here to inform you on how to create your own buy binds for CS:GO! I use them whenever I buy guns and nades and I reccomend it for anyone playing this game!


All of the keynames for CSGO Main Keyboard All letters are letters All symbols are symbols excluding the semi colon Control = ctrl Shift = shift Capslock = capslock Tab = Tab Alt = Alt Right Control = rctrl Right Shift = rshift ; = Semicolon Arrow Keys Up = uparrow Down = downarrow Left = leftarrow Right = rightarrow Function Keys All function keys are shortened to f and their supporting number Keypad Arrow Keys end in the direction arrow Number Lock = numlock Slash = kp_slash Multiply = kp_multiply Minus = kp_minus Home = kp_home End = End Page Up = kp_pgup Page Down = kp_pgdn 5 = kp_5 Plus = kp_plus Enter = kp_enter Ins = kp_ins Delete = kp_del Extra Keys Insert = ins Home = home Delete = delete End = end Page Up = pgup Page Down = pgdn Cinque Terre


All of the weapon names for CSGO All weapons are wrote as they are read apart from Kevlar Helment = vesthelm Kevlar = vest Defuse Kit = defuser Zeus x27 = taser HE Grenade = hegrenade Smoke Grenade = smokegrenade Incendiary Grenade = incgrenade

Basic Binding

Steps to binding! Open your ingame console or your autoexec Type bind this command allows keys and buttons to be bound to specific functions Enter the key you want to bind Then type in "buy weaponname" if you are ingame press enter to bind the key Repeat this with other keys and weapons Example bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "buy ak47; buy m4a1"

Advanced Binding

Advanced binding is useful for lots of things getting bound to one key This is done with the use of a semi colon and a space, this allows a bind to have more than one command Example bind f1 "buy ak47; buy deagle; vesthelm; buy flashbang"

Helpful Websites

Here are some websites which you can use to help you bind your keys http://jessewebb.