How To Improve FPS

Published 01.02.2019 в 00:00 | Guide rating: 39

In Game Commands

- Load the whole map and all of the sounds beforre the game starts : cl_forcepreload 1 - Dissabe servers message of the day : cl_disablehtmlmotd - Disable max FPS (Frames Per Second) : fps_max 0 - Forces your cpu to use multithreading : mat_queue_mode 2 - Turns off ferst person tracers : r_drawtracers_firstperson 0 - Takes everyones makeup off : r_eyegloss 0 - People stop moving thier eyes : r_eyemove 0 - smaller eyes? (totally not creepy) : r_eyesize 0

Launch Commands

- Start game in high priority mode (Only Works On Some Computers) : high - Stops game from looking for a controler (WHY DOES THIS EXIST) : nojoy - Stops the valve intro video when the games starts : novid

Windows Settings

- Change your power options (Especally god for laptops) : Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Hardware and Sounds -> Power Options -> Set to High Performance - Performance settings : Go to Start -> Computer -> Properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced -> Performance -> Settings -> Custom -> Disabling it all gives the best performance although try everything one at a time and see how it works for you.
- Clean up your desktop.
Deleting Icons can actually effect performance and if you use a low res backround then you will get a better performance.
if you use solid color backrounds you will get a decent boost.


If you are looking at this guide then you mught have a rats nest computer.
The best way is to open your computer and use a air duster to remove all of the dust that can resrict airflow and cause overheating.
but your computer is dusty and you looking at a guide on steam to fix it so youe probably broke asf boi.
If you want to clean the dust out you want to take the side panel off of your computer or if you have a laptop just blow into the intake or exaust portson the computer.
for a desktop you want to make sure that the CPU fan and heatsink are dust free.
now put it back together and see how your computer no longer makes smoke whenever you get into a deathmatch.