How 2 Finland (100% working!!1)

Published 20.12.2019 в 18:00 | Guide rating: 66

Swear Wörds

Swear wörds: onli use thees for good angry other winland piippol VlTTU SAATAN_A PerkeIe Juus onli these tree (3) swear w0rds if you want to be good in this languuaage.

How 2 bi laik a Fin

How 2 bi laik a Fin: Talk veri good ralli enklanti Veri guud accent Trink veri mats coffii Juus veri mats cold water on shouwer Talk veri slowly Juus sauna veri mats Pray 4 Simo häyhä (the legend) everileit night Miit Jari Litmanen @ Her His hause Swim in veri cold leik Juus "veri mats" veri mats


End? Comment about thinks you wanttens to me add somthink Suport Finnish human in planet Finland: Treid Link Cinque Terre