Hidden Radio Commands

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With the Help of Radio Commands you can communicate with your Teammates without having to use your Microphone.
There are a lot of Radio Commands in the Radio Command Panels but there are more which are not included in the Radio Command Panels.
Here's how you can still use them

Radio Command Panels

These are the Radio Command Panels that you can bind via your settings menu Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre

Binding Keys

To bind a key to a Radio Command you will have to open the console.
bind key " command " This is the general structure on how to bind a key to a command.
You will have to switch the word -key- for your desired key and the word -command- for your desired command As an example we will bind the Radio Command "Cover Me!" to the "H" key bind h "coverme" Press Enter and you are done If you want to unbind a key unbind key This is the general structure on how to unbind a key.
You will have to switch the word -key- for your desired key you want to unbind As an example we will unbind the "H" key unbind h Press Enter and you are done You will most likely bind those Radio Commands to your Keypadd so here are the key bind names of the Keypad Cinque Terre

Muting Radio Commands

If you don't want to hear Radio Commands, you can use the -ignorerad- command.
Just open the console and type ignorerad To hear Radio Commands again just type -ignorerad- again Cinque TerreCinque Terre

Radio Commands

Radio Message Console Command Cover Me! coverme You Take the Point takepoint Hold This Position! holdpos Follow Me! followme Regroup, Team! regroup Taking Fire, Need Assistance! takingfire GO! go Team, Fall Back! fallback Stick Together, Team sticktog Storm the Front stormfront Cheer cheer Compliment/Nice compliment Thanks thanks Affirmative/Roger roger Enemy Spotted enemyspot Need backup needbackup Sector Clear sectorclear I'm in Position inposition Negative negative Reporting In report She's gonna Blow! getout Enemy Down enemydown Bombsite A go_a Bombsite B go_b Cheer cheer Need a drop, Please.
needrop Sorry! sorry Check out my other Guideshttps://steamcommunity.
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