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Start - Create a group

Ok so, create a new group ( http://steamcommunity.
com/actions/GroupCreate ).
Group Name - Name of your clan Abbreviation - Clan tag that will appear before the name of player Group Link - Link of your clan Public Group ? - If you uncheck the box, in your group get only invited people.
So, if you check it, to your group can join anyone If you have everything ready, click on the "Create".
Now you have created a group.
You can fill out the content by yourself.
Cinque Terre

Finishing - Set in game

Now turn on the game.
Go to "OPTIONS" And from the menu select "GAME SETTINGS".
Scroll little down.
There is a "TEAM OPTIONS" Click on the "Team Tag (From Steam Group)" and find your group ( It is the abbreviation from your group ) Now it's all done.
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Cinque TerreCinque Terre