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Windows Settings

First of all you must setup your windows, for better gaming.
Mouse settingsYou must change your mouse setting.
There is basically not much options to edit but what is very important is that you must uncheck Enhance pointer precision.
Keyboard SettingsIf you want to play smoothly, you must turn off some very useless functions on you keyboard, what can make more injury as benefits.
Just follow this picture guide Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Sensitivity is very powerfull weapon.
You must know your sensitivity, but more important is change your sensitivity to lower values.
If you asking yourself why, i have a answer for you.
Watch this video As you can see, when i moving my crosshair from bot to bot, my cross is "jumping" from place to place.
Its very unstable, and i have no control on my cross.
When i change my sensitivity to lower values, my crosshair was been smoother and i was have my aim under control.
For example.
I have 800 DPI and sensitivity in game is 1.
Thats good for me.
But you can have 1600DPI and 0.
7 sens.
The rule of good sensitivity is that you must have sensitivity, with which you can rotate yourself in game at minimum 180°.
If you want to learn your sensitivity, i definitely recommend to play these maps 10-20 minutes per day.
aim_botz training_aim_csgo2


Movement is very difficult to learn, but i made a video, to show you bad movements and good movement.
Fundamentals of good movement is following: 1.
You must place your cross on nearest corner 2.
You must moving yourself near the walls, and you must try to be visible from minimum places You can practicing your movement at deathmatches.
I dont really recommend Valve's DM.
For better DM go to Community Servers, and type following If you want train Rifles type FFA,dm If you want train HS only servers FFA,dm,hs And if you want to practice pistol just type 'pistol' If you play these FFA DM every day, i guarantee you, that your AIM will be much better in a week HOPE THIS LITTLE GUIDE WILL BE HELPFULL FOR YOU GUYS AND SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH <3 If you want detailed guide, just leave a comment below.