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As a Counter Strike player from germany, I will show you HOW TO GIVE CALLS IN GERMAN on the cummon CS:GO Maps [DUST2,MIRAGE,CACHE] and some other helpfull calls for your matchmaking experience.
You can use it for playing CS:GO and have fun with your nice german teammates.
So lets begin!!!

General Calls

---------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--- First you have to learn the general calls for every map! ---------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--- Short: Kurz Long: Lang Mid: Mitte Tunnel: Tunnel A/B Side: A/B Seite Underground/pass: Untergrund For examples like CT-Mid just say : CT-Mitte (spoken like ~ Zehte Mitte) Up: Oben Down: Unten Right: Rechts Left: Links Behind: HINTER DIR DU AUSLÄNDER! You can put a "Du Ausländer" behind every phrase, this will make your mates very happy because it means something like: MY FRIEND FROM GERMANY

Calls for DUST2

---------‐-----------------------------‐---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DE_Dust2 ------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------ Secret: Versteck Barrel: Tonne Blue: Blau Titanic: Titanik Car: Auto Suicide: Bruder, bist tot! Door: Tür Catwalk: Katze Lower tunnel: Unterer Tunnel Stairs: Treppe Window: Fenster

Calls for MIRAGE

------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------ DE_MIRAGE ------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------ Connector: Konnektor Palace: Palast Apps: Appartments Bench: Bank Van: Volkswagen Tetris: Tetris (spoken like Tehtris) Underwood: Unter holz Underpass/ground: Untergrund Chair: Stuhl Window: Fenster Vents: Lüftungsschacht Ladder: Leiter Sandwitch: Weißbrot

Calls for CACHE

------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------ DE_Cache ------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------ Highway: Oben aufm Teil drauf Main: *You can call it the same* Yellow: GABELSTAPLER Quad: Quat Truck: Mercedes Benz Garage: Garage (spoien like Garaje) Reactor: Reaktor Toxic: Giftig Vents: Lüftungsschacht Boost: Drücken Squeeky: Quitschig Connector: Konnektor


------‐-----------------------------‐--------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------- What to say and / or how to react.
-----‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐---- What you can say ---------------------------- Rush B: *cry* REIN IN DIE OLGA! Cheers: Stößchen aufs Mößchen Drop me AWP please: Leg ma ne AWP du N*ger Eco: Nichts kaufen!!! Force: Haut die Scheine aufm Tisch Kameraden! What they mean if they say something like the following phrases ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Halts Ma*l du nerviger Asylant: He wants you to shut up Braunes Wasser für braune Menschen: He wants to tell you that you are black SEI DOCH MAL STILL DU H*RENSOHN: He wants you to cry a bit louder and activate your soundboard Du kannst ja garnichts! He says that you cant do anything Läuft bei dir: He says that you are good Bist du behindert/Ist der behindert?: He likes the way you play Bruder muss los: You or your teammtes did something good or something bad Es gibt gleich Schläge! He wants you to go on Digger/Junge/Brah: He says it to people he knows , its like "man or dude" in english Gute Aktion digger!: Well done dude ------‐-----------------------------‐-----------------------------‐------------------------------‐-----------------------------‐--- Thank you for your attention! Visit my Youtube Channel for more content: https://www.
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