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I've previously made a guide on the topic of the most efficient way to improve your aim in CS:GO.
You can find that by clicking here.
But to help some people out, i'll dig a little bit deeper and explain what I and many professional players agree is the most efficient way to become a better pistol player.
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Becoming A Better Pistol Player

I'll start off by saying the popular YouTuber Long Barrel made a video on becoming a better pistol player.
The main focus of that vid is recommending you to use a Pistol DeathMatch server, as you can chose any pistol, there's no head armor, and you're fighting opponents with pistols.
It's as close to a pistol round as you can get.
I recommend DMing for about 100 kills with USP-S/P2000 and 100 Glock-18 kills every day.
It doesn't take that long and will really improve your pistol play, as you will get the feel of how the pistols shoot, and how to control them.
If you're "spraying" with a pistol (spamming mouse 1) it can be effective as long as you know to pull down a little.
This is a feel thing and you'll be better at it by DMing.
You should DM with other pistols you use as well.
Do whatever you want, whatever you think is best for you though.
You could do more or less than 100 kills with each pistol.
So that's all fine and dandy right? You can play pistol DM and you'll be a better pistol player.
There's an extremely efficient way of training that's extremely underrated in my opinion.
Good pistol players have great "point-click" aim and more importantly, good TRACING skills.
Tracing is the ability to trace a players head accurately while they're moving/strafing.
Let's say you're playing A site on de_dust2.
You get rushed from cat, the T's are running across elbow.
If you can efficiently trace their heads, all you need to do is tap.
So how do you practice tracing? Find the map aim_botz in the steam workshop.
Once you load it up, select the "Uneven Ground" option.
Noclip through the wall and into the area where the bots are.
Put your cross hair on a bot's head.
Now move around, crouch every here and there, but make sure your cross hair is still on the bots head.
Don't be discouraged if it's difficult.
Just keep at it.
This is also a decent warmup for getting your mouse movement precise.
I recommend just 5-15 minutes of this a day.
It will help you a lot.
KabooseCS explained this on twitch once.
Watch the first 30 seconds of his VOD by clicking here[www.
tv] .
You can also mess with the ADADA patterns on aim_botz, set it to random and trace the bot's heads as they strafe around.
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In conclusion, use pistol DM and tracing to efficiently train your pistol skills.
Do you have to do all this to become a good pistol player? Well, no - but if you're skills are lacking, or you're just looking to improve efficiently, this should help you out! As always, feel free to add me if you have any questions or comments about my guide(s).
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