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Spray control, headshots or even b-hopping are all valid practice targets when you enter CS:GO deathmatch, but failing to pick one for your training regimen is the worst thing you can do according to Spencer “Hiko” Martin.
We’ve got former Team Liquid clutchmaster Hiko to show us how he plans his practices to gain the most out of deathmatch, because running around and having fun isn’t the name of the game when hard work is needed.
Spencer shows us his own personal Hiko Challenge, which he uses to practice key skills with the AK, M4, P2000, and Glock – the bread and butter of CS:GO’s best weapons.
Starting with spraying down targets, aiming for body shots without releasing the trigger, Hiko begins with the hardest way to kill, which he says is the easiest to warm up with.
After 50 kills from spray downs, he moves onto burst fire headshots, quickly snapping from target to target, then after another 50 kills onto the single-shot one-taps.
Once he’s focused on all three firing methods, he combines them into a Superspeed round, aiming to get 50 kills using any means as fast as possible.
Having mastered the AK, he moves onto the M4 and repeats.
Pistols are obviously all about those one-tap headshots, so no spray control for those.
But for each automatic weapon Hiko times how long 50 kills takes for each firing method, and the Superspeed round, to total up at the end and note down to compare at the end of training sessions.
As the time drops, you’re getting better.
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Russian version

Привет! Сегодня с вами Хико, и я запускаю новый челлендж "Улучши свой AIM".
Конечно самый интересный способ играть, это просто играть матчмейкинг и фанится, но у этого способа нет перспктивы, и я предлагаю вам улучшить свою наводку по моей системе, ее вы видите ниже : Spray - Зажим.
Burst - 2-4 патрона.
Tap - 1 патрон.
Super Speed - фраги любым способом, но очень быстро.
Тренируясь таким способом 3 месяца, вы можете подняться с Gold Nova 1 до LEM.
Но так же не забывайте практиковаться в матчмейкинге около 3-4 часов.
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