Guide to become a PP-Bizon expert! (long)

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(This is a repost of my previous guide written back in the beginning of 2017, which you can find here on reddit!) Welcome everyone reading this to my in depth guide on how to use/master the Roller Blade gun, The PP-Bizon.
Now I myself am not a great CSGO player.
I'd personally say average as I sit around the DMG/LE level.
But of course, this is with JUST a PP-Bizon.
Some days I see glory sitting among the top of my team, 30 bombing with the Bizon.
And other days I see the scary reality.
There is minimum control on how one performs with the Bizon.
The Bizon chooses who does good with it and who does not.
If you are looking to somehow become a pro with it and frag regularly with it.
Just leave, cya was nice knowing you.
The Bizon requires a unique approach and diverse play style to achieve success with this gun.
It takes time and practice and a dedication to learn/change your entire play style to suit the gun.
The Bizon has the most DIVERSE play style of any gun in CSGO.
Warning, playing like this may change how you view csgo entirely Now I myself love the Bizon with a dying passion.
I even Collect Bizons.
Getting a kill with the Bizon (or any other gun) is not the same as getting a kill with the Bizon when you have passion.
The play style again is diverse.
When you think about the Bizon, you think about possibly the most useless gun in the game that only works with running and spraying in the silver levels.
But you sir, are wrong.
There is more to Bizon and i'm here to show you.
Now the Bizons advantages are very very slim but used correctly you will become a god who will make the other team rage at the sound of you shooting this BB gun.
Cinque Terre


Now to understand how to use this you must accept the Bizon for itself before you can appreciate it.
So lets start with the Disadvantages.
Damage Accuracy First shot accuracy Running Accuracy (lets get back to that soon) Terrible armor penetration Damage again The accuracy of the Bizon makes my hairs grey and makes me want to get a noose out sometimes.
While the spray pattern is not terribly horribly such as a Negev or an AK.
Its quite random and i wouldn't say its a disadvantage or an advantage.
But tied in all the other factors of how this gun works.
It's ok.
The spray pattern is about 2 bullets on target.
The next 10 down.
Then the rest down towards the right and back and forth.
Not to far right and not to far down like most guns but just about waist level if you are close/medium range from you're opponent.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Including accuracy we got first shot accuracy.
The Bizon has possibly the worst first shot accuracy I've seen from any gun.
In a previous post I mentions you will most likely miss 4/5 times when trying to line up a head shot at medium/far range.
Its BAD.
This completely cancels out tapping/bursting your opponent down.
So knowing this, you will know its just better off ALWAYS SPRAYING NO MATTER THE DISTANCE.
And hoping to the Bizon gods enough of your little bullets kill the guy.
Damage is the thing we are all here for.
It's the sole factor that makes the Bizon, The Bizon.
Coming it at a whopping 27 raw damage.
This is actually the worst damage of any SMG.
Now many people say the Bizon is great against no armored opponents.
And this is completely true when you factor in the magazine size which is great for facing numerous opponents at once.
But in the meta.
Its not quite often you see or guess opponents not having the handheld AK (the ♥♥♥♥ing Tec9) to 1 tap you in the face.
It surprisingly has the LEAST damage to unarmored opponents as well.
But eh.
It's still great against them.
You are going to be looking at about 11 damage per chest hit at medium range and at far range about 7 damage.
Head shots to unarmored opponents do about 108 at close range and upwards of 60 to an armored opponent at close range.
Medium range you won't usually 1 tap someone and for an armored opponent, you're looking at about 50.
So with all this factored in, It takes around 8-11 bullets to kill someone.
BUT with 1 head shot it can easily be cut in half and completely change the outcome of the fight/round.
So with all this you must factor in the first shot accuracy.
In which how much time are you going to line up that first shot to get that head shot.
That's a smaller chance then any other gun about of you hitting your line up.
But still easily do-able.
Lets just hope most of your bullets land and some happen to hit their head.
Running Accuracy.
Now this 'statistically' has the worst of the SMG family.
Still better then the Rifles but not as great as the rest.
But this is where the tides turn in the guide.
I'd like to call this, 'The Bizon Factor'.
In my own definition, 'The Bizon Factor' its when you mathematically factor in every little outcome to a given situation and statistically make an analyst on how things will work.
Then you chuck it out the window because the Bizon DOESN'T ♥♥♥♥ING GIVE 2 ♥♥♥♥♥.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hitbox No Armor Armor - from wiki Head 108 61 Chest/Arm 27 11 Stomach 33 19 Leg 20 20 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Running Accuracy is the key to the ♥♥♥♥ing city.
The golden gem of what makes this gun.
Even though its absolutely The worst for running and spraying.
The Bizon is GREAT for this and should ONLY BE USED LIKE THIS.
The gun itself completely turns the sides in this like a wheelchair kid losing a race up hill but beating everyone else down the hill.
Now with 'The Bizon Factor' into play we know that ♥♥♥♥ the rules.
This is how it's going to work.
Cinque TerreCinque TerreCinque Terre


Lets get onto the goods.
The Advantages.
Magazine 240 UNITS PER ♥♥♥♥ING SECOND running speed The Unspoken jumping accuracy 240 UNITS! Price Lets get the Magazine out of the way.
64 bullets.
Yes i hear it a lot.
good against a lot of people.
ok NOW THE ♥♥♥♥ING 240 UNITS PER ♥♥♥♥ING SECOND If Usain Bolt played csgo the Bizon would be his gun.
Coming in with a whopping 240 speed while running (same as a glock).
This makes you nearly untraceable.
Running non stop with this is going to make you a little ♥♥♥♥♥ for your opponents to even handle.
Using your speed is the advantage to any other gun in the game and its what will make you frag with the Bizon.
Your defense is your offense with this gun.
I'll soon get into more detail on how to use this in a minute but again.
This is the Bizon.
The Jumping Accuracy of the PP-Bizon is one of the 7 worlds wonders.
It's almost completely unheard of and today the secret has been revealed.
Now this isn't ground breaking♥♥♥♥♥♥but you will be surprised how accurate this gun is when jumping.
And used correctly it will leave your opponents wondering and confused with whats going on.
You can land a few shots when you jump over a wall when you shoot towards someone close/medium range and that's about it but you should always use this to your advantage.
I consider this a bonus but not good enough to be played like a scout.
The price is a strange subject.
As long as this gun remains more expensive then a ♥♥♥♥ing UM(O)P, I'm going to have a problem.
But besides that you can but this gun most rounds and always be able to afford It and just kevlar in the 2nd round, Even if you lose pistol round.
Cinque Terre

Time to learn

Now that we've separated the grapes from the oranges I'm finally going to teach you whats up.
Yes this is long but the Bizon deserves no less and if don't have the effort and dedication to read all this then just leave, because the Bizon's not for you.
I could go on all day about this but the Running speed is the♥♥♥♥♥♥ I mean without this its not the Bizon.
If you are not running and spraying you are going to die.
The Bizon is best used running completely left and right back and forth of your opponent.
The less you walk sideways and the more you walk forwards and backwards from your opponent, the more chance they have of killing you.
It's hard killing someone who's running back and forth and completely messes people aim and spray down.
And you may think good players know how to counter this and yes they do, but never entirely.
I played against SK Fallen a few weeks ago in MM and showed a gun I liked to call the PP-Bizon.
He could only kill me about half the times i did this to him.
And yes.
That's a 50/50 win rate of dueling fallen with a BIZON.
Your possibilities are endless.
Techniques to this are spamming A/D back and forth and making it hard for them to hit their shots.
Whether using this close range or peeking or any given situation you will need to learn how to spam A/D to make yourself harder to hit.
Using this common method there is more ways to put this to your advantage and this is how you use the Bizon.
Jumping around corners is a ♥♥♥♥♥ for for opponents.
While strafing/jumping you can also spray with the Bizons great in air accuracy and kill them before you hit the ground.
A great example is smoking A main on cache and jumping out of A main to forklift and destroying the guy there.
This works about 90% of the time for me.
Pre-firing corners (defensive).
Now you should always pre-fire corners with the Bizon when hunting people but when holding a corner it's great for pre-firing your quick peaks as you may be to fast to hit.
Popping out of corners at a right time is great.
A good example would be CT side on dust 2.
If you sit on A site behind the default box and perfectly time your peek towards long while your opponents push, at around the time they are crossing over, you can get yourself a few kills.
Use smokes and flashes to your best advantage.
You will need to decent at flashing stuff you peak as the Bizon will be by your side to help sweep up the kills.
When you get an opponent flashed you can just charge at them while spraying them down.
As for smokes it's best to use these as cover or hiding spot.
Smoking off places such as A long on dust or Mid on cobblestone can be a great advantage as you can simply walk through them or hide in them to outplay your opponents.
This isn't new at all but it was meant for the PP-Bizon.
Keep in mind the distance at what you spray at.
Long distance down towards the right.
Medium distance of the right side of the waist.
And close range you can almost pretend you have a laser beam and just aim at their head/neck/chest to destroy them before they even see you.
Because at close range the first 5/10 bullets will seem to go right on your cross hair.

Thank you for reading

This is just a short guide on the gun and how to master it.
I'm getting a lot of writers block after more then an hour writing this so i will just add stuff as I think about it.
There are plenty of different ways to play and ways how one can use it so feel free to let me know.
Try not to duel.
Keep it medium/short range.
Never tap.
And play 1 step ahead of the opponent.
I hope to see this gun used more often and one day used in a pro game.
I'm always open to new ideas and I'm sorry I don't have any videos uploaded to help teach the public about the Bizon.
If you spent the time to read this then you are half way to becoming an expert.
The other half putting in the grind to master the art of the Bizon.
I hope this Guide can help many people in the years to come who are in need and search to figure out how to use the Bizon.
Also Feel free for anyone to add me/comment.
I love talking to fellow Bizon lovers and I can't wait to hear from you https://steamcommunity.
com/id/PP-Bizon/ Check out some videos ive made that demonstrate some great kills from the Bizon.
I will upload personal VODs of my Bizon gameplay if requested :) #Bizon Cinque Terre